Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The World as Viewed by AXB

Life is Black and White. Color is obsolete. Black, Yellow, Brown, White, or Red. All is meaningless to anyone but the uneducated. Those who are still living under their glass roof high atop their ivory tower need to step down and look at the outside world. If you are truly to believe that your life would be better without such entities as Black, Jews, or Americans you are imbecilic. Every day you use items and live in a society started and maintained by those other than you. Live your life and duck your ideas about a Utopia under the one true race. You are in a losing battle, for your confederate flag was probably stitched together by a Homosexual Jew in India.

Politics do not concern me. I follow my President no matter if I voted for them or not. I vote for my opinion, and while I may or may not win I am not one to complain that America would be better the other way around. You may not believe in the motivation and/or actions of one person and his council, but you still are governed by their rule. To clear up any questions I am Republican by definition. I think of myself as a Non-Partisan Liberal with American Pride. I voted for Bush twice and stand by my choice. I believe in Abortian, Stem Cell Research, Capital Punishment, the Right to Bear Arms, and Seperation of Church and State. I will vote for the person who is most likely to keep my way of life as it is. I'm for higher taxes if the American Way of Life is in need. I'm for the draft if needed. I am all for Freedom of Speech and the American right to choose. Freedom of Speech does not give you Freedom of being an Asinine Hypocrite. The leader of the Free World is the one who controls your daily life. If you are truly against their leadership then you can feel free to leave. I know of a few Billion humans living in disease infested Third World Countries more than willing to take your place.

Religion is a drug. Unlike a drug it is readily available to anyone (for a price) and the majority of the world needs its soft embrace to survive. Christian, Catholic, Jew, Satanic, or Islamic it does not matter. They are all based on simple rules. Do what is needed to survive without breaking rules as governed by common sense. What is yours is yours, what isn't should stay that way. The minor difference in each basic belief is what to do if there is a human with separate beliefs. Destroy them? Convert them? I say leave them be and go about your beliefs. Religion is the most powerful weapon anyone can wield. Each one, while all false, has points that are needed in life. If I thought I could look at myself in the mirror each day I could easily start a new religion. It is true I would never see it come to fruition, for that would take many generations, but I could create a society that even you yourself would follow. No divine entity. Death is death. What you do in life makes the Heaven that IS life bearable. The grass is always greener, and it's up to you to grow said grass.

Music is changing. You need to adapt and change with it. The music you listen to is the same thing that played on the radio, the last free source of entertainment, twenty years ago. The fashions you wear are the same things your parents wore no matter if they admit it or not. It looked just as un-fashionable and moronic when they wore it. If you are one who adapts to the surroundings and blends in with the crowd you are a sheep and your opinion is worthless to me. Wearing a brand name is not Selling Out. Listening to Fall Out Boy is not Selling Out. Living your life as governed by those who hold importance in your impurity soaked mind is truly Selling Out. Wear what you want. Listen to what you enjoy. Do what you do. Tell me that I am a lesser person for not doing the same and become dead to me and my people.

I am right. Know this now, and remember it forever. My musical tastes are superior to yours, and my view of the world is correct and un-negotiable. My word is law.

I am Alistair Xavier Booya, and you will never be.

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