Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Celebrity Penis War: Pete Wentz vs Daniel Radcliffe...winner Wentz

In the grand scheme of things what's more important? Living a good life and then dying knowing you've made a difference at an old age; OR, having random sex with as many people as will let you and dying a young age from STD's? I think my point is made.

For about 8 hours a day I search the Intraweb looking for mindless self indulging content in order to take my mind off the burning sensation emanating from my groin. I search dozens of sites a day who post what they find. I find these sites and tell no one. This has changed. Today is a new day in the life of AXB. Today I join the huddled masses, yearning to assimilate.

Regurgitation of the Acidic Variety

The Entire Nirvana -Incesticide Album

The Rasmus -Dead Letters..the Best band you've never heard

Fall Out Boy - Leaked In London EP

Rolling Stone, Blender, and Spin for $30

About 4 months late, but Storm Large Naked as the day she was born...plus shorts

The BEST site for Celebrity Wallpapers, the only one I use

Want cool shirts but too lazy to look all over?

The BEST Batman film out there, but you've never watched it

The 2nd Best Batman film ever made...you also have never watched it

Entire Antonella Barba nude photo archive

MOST of the Antonella Barba nude photo archive is Fake...allegedly

And Finally...Harry Potter's Scrotum Click the Image for NSFW

And Now Pete Wentz's Scrotum Click the Image for NSFW

Look for AXB Enterprises Merch available soon. I WILL be giving some away to lucky readers.

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Ragemanchoo said...

The Daniel Radcliffe photo is fake, btw. I've seen the original photo it was based on. From the waste down its actually a German porn star.