Thursday, March 29, 2007

I've peed in the corner, and my territory has been successfully marked

New to AXB Enterprises, but not new to the blog world. This the 4th Blog Empire I have written for. As it is for this career path, the other 3 have all fell to the wayside in due time. AXB has allowed me to join his team in hopes it's not myself who as squelched the dreams of many a nubile blogger.

As AXB Enterprises has been looking to branch out to other ventures and add an Energy Drink Reviewing site. Today I registered a domain on Blogger and we have dubbed it EnOrgy. Join us, and if you are good little boys and girls perhaps I will allow you to contribute, yet your ideas and thoughts will be highly scrutinized, and your opinions judged to the extreme.

Jacobus has Risen

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Won't you feel foolish when its found that Arminianism is the correct religious choice?

Jail really isn't THAT bad. After getting yourself checked in and having your prostate molested for drugs, its pretty much downhill. The trick is getting yourself as UN-Attractive as possible. I tried to get as many festering boils as possible to ward off prospective Butt-Pirates. Just as in society, people only want the pretty ones.

4 days inside gives me a new outlook on things. I really should think twice before soliciting myself off at the local High Schools. I have to stop and think ahead, for next time I just can't get caught. I'm thinking I need to focus on ugly fat girls, because big girls need lovin' too. They just need to get raped to get it.

While I consider how not to get caught doing the illegal things that I do, you visit these links and think of the things YOU do. Sinners...

Dinings of Penitentiary Fare

Rage Against The Machine at the Grand Auditorium - Full Download

If you can beat Level 10 you're a better man than I. Really, if your penis is OVER 3 inches you're a better man than I, but who's counting?

The one thing I love more than Comic Books? Hardcore Celebrity Porn Comic Books...NSFW

The Bigger Dance starts soon, and AXB Enterprises has an Office Pool

Parker Posey looks like a Velociraptor, but I'd still hit it

The First Girl to send me a NSFW Photo with a sign for AXB Enterprises will get the very first Official T-Shirt

Who Knows How to Set Up DIGG?

Create Your Own South Park Character, old link, but pertainant to show you Jacobus, the newest member of AXB Enterprises

I Like Thora Birch's Dad's style has some of the most UNFASHIONABLE people ever, but thankfully they're usually topless. NSFW

28 Weeks Later is just sitting there, waiting to Suck

I don't feel like sharing anything else today. If Jacobus gets off his ass perhaps he will bring something to the table later in the week. Fucking Jacobus.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spray consists of urine mixed with a viscous, fatty material whose extraordinary pungency has been most charitably characterized as ""musky"

I was over at a neighbors house last night having dinner, while they were at work of course, and their cat decided to "Mark me" by spraying all over my chest. Needless to say I was not amused, and after I stole a shirt from their little girl's room to wear home I made sure to make it look like an accident...

My Christina Cox obsession aside I do have other mindless, uncontrollable, stalker-like fascinations. All of them I will share with you at one point or another. The next one I would like to share with you is the beauty Katie from I have had an unhealthy obsession with this Non-Nude turned Exhibitionist Cam Girl since 1999 when she was but a young buck at 17. Heralded as one of the first of her kind on the Intraweb, she has built a secure empire. While others such as Liz Vicious and Kate from Kates-Playground have allowed their content to be strewn about the Intraweb, Katie has kept a close grasp on her pictures and videos. Even bring lawsuits against sites that post her images. Good thing nobody is reading this.

Not only does she have MANY Picture Sets you can purchase, but she also does Custom Sets if you had something special in mind. Along with all this she has a webcam, which is fun. None of this have I ever bought, but I have seemingly found ways to view it all. Now I share it with you.

ALL of these links are NSFW in one-way or the other

The homepage that started it all

Her Official Myspace Page

ALLEGED Torrents off of Katies World

A Directory of her "Pics of the Week"

NSFW Pics of a Cam Show

NSFW Pics of her and Fugly Guest Model

NSFW Pics from her Gallery

Even More NSFW Pics of her in the Shower

NSFW Gallery Coutesy of The Proving Grounds

NSFW in a Yellow Shirt…that’s a little different

Alledged Pictures and Webcam stuff…I didn’t download it

SFW Old Article on her site

SFW Myspace of the Hottest Guest Model Katie has ever had

NSFW, but KIND of SFW Picture Gallery

MegaUpload download of her Shower Set

NSFW you expected different at this point

NSFW video of a Dildo Cam Show

NSFW Rapidshare Downloads of Videos

NSFW Downloads of ANOTHER Cam Show

NSFW Pictures and Video of her with a Fat White guy, so I might have a chance

I suppose that’s good for now. There is a LOT more out there, plus I have a ZIP Drive somewhere in my belongings with 90% of her pictures taken between 1999 and 2003. No clue where that may be though.

ALL Images are property of Ice Blue Concepts, L.L.C. Any downloading or sharing is prohibited. Any photos at Link Locations are the sole responsibility of their individual posters, and not of AXB Enterprises

There, that should cover me.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Hepatitis...the Gift that Keeps on Giving

I'm seeing how long I can actually hold in my urine for money. The 19 year old single mom that live next door made a bet with me that I can't hold it in for a week. If I win I get her for one night, if she wins she gets 3 pints of my blood for some Hoodoo ritual stuff she's into. I get $50 a pint down at the clinic, so this is a few paychecks for me. We'll see if I can hold it. With the Hepatitis the clinic can't use it either way. I'm gonna get me some Jamaican love. Teenage, unwed mother, DESPERATE Jamaican love.

Discharges of the Pustular Abnormalities

After 10 years of waiting FINALLY Britney Spears might have nudes coming out

Do you like robots? Do you like robots fighting? Play this game!

Richard Jeni went all Narrator and Shot Himself...IN THE FACE

Ah I love thee. NSFW from Dukes of Hazzard: The beginning

For LOTS of Washed-Up Reality Star Nudity rent The Scorned

Blood Ties wasn't great, but good enough

I want a sleeve of JUST Clown and Clown related tattoos

Find the Energy Drink that's right for you.

Grand theft Auto 4 probably, maybe, possibly set in New York

I'm off to shave my testicles. I've got a date with a schoolteacher that works 6 blocks down. By date I mean I'm going to wait by her car for her to leave school. Then we'll see how our Date goes. Toodles!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Urine for a treat....that's a play on words kids

With my job I have a LOT of time on my hands. This job being occasionally donating blood and semen for cash, and selling my manhood to squatters in my building. Anyways, as I steal cable internet from the coffee shop on the corner I am online a lot. I never know when it'll get cut. I have been searching for the last hour or so for Clown Erotica...and I hit the motherload.

Do NOT click this link unless you want to see a chick pee on another female dressed as a clown. I am not exaggerating by anymeans on this either. Thank you mister Jake Bronstein. This will MOST likely be my alst Clown Erotica blog...unless I find more.


Also, for some SEMI-Violent yet Non-Nude Clown Erotica rent the movie Vulgar by Kevin Smith.

No need to thank me Sinners

Fuck tears in mascara, I want tears in Whiteface

There is something about clowns that I find incredibly sexy. It could be because I have a large collection of John Wayne Gacy art, or perhaps it's because my Uncle touched me as a child. He wasn't a clown, but he did have large feet.

On occasion you find something that changes your life. Perhaps it's the dildo with the Rabbit extension, perhaps it is the movie Guarding Tess, or perhaps it's just the existence of the Abba Zabba, but whatever it is you should always share such a thing.

AXB Enterprises

AXB Enterprises

AXB Enterprises

Photo AXB Enterprisest

AXB Enterprises

Photo AXB Enterprises

AXB Enterprises

AXB Enterprises

Photo AXB Enterprises

You can thank me later with topless pictures sent to my cell phone.

The ladies love the puss-like's like a second Ejaculation

What I assumed was an ingrown hair on my penis won't go away, and now is a bit engorged. This could be bad, but we'll find out. I can't afford to go to the Free Clinic to get it checked out. Can't afford to because they have my picture up as a registered Sex Offender and won't treat me. That bitch shouldn't have said anything, I would have had her back before Recess was over.

I have always wanted to stalk someone, and I finally get my chance. I have an unhealthy obsession with the actress Christina Cox.

I have bought every DVD she has appeared in and have "Accidentally" bumped into her on the street 4 times but she refuses to fall in love with me. Maybe she has seen my poster as well.

I got my newest DVD of her career when she was on FX: The Series. I had to order it from that cesspool known as the UK because there isn't a copy made for the US. Now I'm going to have to buy some expensive DVD player from the Hindu at the Corner Store that'll run it. Maybe he'll let me pay for it in fellatio. I'm sure the 14 Year Old Ginger Kid that lives next door with her mom would do it. She owes me a Solid for getting her a fake ID to use at the Abortion Clinic.

T-Shirts available soon, along with underwear. I just need some time on a design. Anyone know a good Graphic Artist?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

A Hemorrhoid is defined as an enlarged or swollen blood vessel, usually located near the anus or the rectum

It amazes me on occasion what kind of shitty music people listen to. My neighbor is this odd little Hindu man who owns the corner store where I buy cigarettes and pornography. He's nice enough to order the weird porn in just for me and he stores it in the freezer behind the milk. He can't speak a word of English, but overall he's a nice guy. The problem I have with him is he likes his music loud and shitty. He thinks he's going to learn English listening to Coldplay and Beyonce and since he's approximately 75 years old he turns it up to 11. Normally it bothers me, but sometimes it covers up the whimpers of my underage prostitutes, and that always helps. Stupid underage hookers always cry when I get rough.

Fecal Excretions of the Bloody Variety

AXB Enterprises on Virb: Beta

The Definitive 200 Albums

Mark Wahlberg looked as for Duke in the G.I.Joe Movie

A Wicked Game to Occupy Your Time

NSFW Flexible girl

Captain America shot & killed in the Line of Duty

My Current Desktop at Work

Freak on a Leash Unplugged

One of the Greatest TV Series Finally on DVD

Upon request of my Uncle I am posting the Antonella Barba pictures, and by post I mean link

Can You Name the 50 States in 10 Minutes...probably not you Hindu Bastard

That's all I'm doing today. 3 Hours of searching the internet for content, 2 minutes of masturbating, 15 minutes of posting, and now I'm going down to the playground around the block to eat CheeTos and pretend to have a kid playing while I hit on the mothers and try to steal their credit cards. Wish me luck...