Thursday, March 8, 2007

A Hemorrhoid is defined as an enlarged or swollen blood vessel, usually located near the anus or the rectum

It amazes me on occasion what kind of shitty music people listen to. My neighbor is this odd little Hindu man who owns the corner store where I buy cigarettes and pornography. He's nice enough to order the weird porn in just for me and he stores it in the freezer behind the milk. He can't speak a word of English, but overall he's a nice guy. The problem I have with him is he likes his music loud and shitty. He thinks he's going to learn English listening to Coldplay and Beyonce and since he's approximately 75 years old he turns it up to 11. Normally it bothers me, but sometimes it covers up the whimpers of my underage prostitutes, and that always helps. Stupid underage hookers always cry when I get rough.

Fecal Excretions of the Bloody Variety

AXB Enterprises on Virb: Beta

The Definitive 200 Albums

Mark Wahlberg looked as for Duke in the G.I.Joe Movie

A Wicked Game to Occupy Your Time

NSFW Flexible girl

Captain America shot & killed in the Line of Duty

My Current Desktop at Work

Freak on a Leash Unplugged

One of the Greatest TV Series Finally on DVD

Upon request of my Uncle I am posting the Antonella Barba pictures, and by post I mean link

Can You Name the 50 States in 10 Minutes...probably not you Hindu Bastard

That's all I'm doing today. 3 Hours of searching the internet for content, 2 minutes of masturbating, 15 minutes of posting, and now I'm going down to the playground around the block to eat CheeTos and pretend to have a kid playing while I hit on the mothers and try to steal their credit cards. Wish me luck...

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