Monday, March 12, 2007

Hepatitis...the Gift that Keeps on Giving

I'm seeing how long I can actually hold in my urine for money. The 19 year old single mom that live next door made a bet with me that I can't hold it in for a week. If I win I get her for one night, if she wins she gets 3 pints of my blood for some Hoodoo ritual stuff she's into. I get $50 a pint down at the clinic, so this is a few paychecks for me. We'll see if I can hold it. With the Hepatitis the clinic can't use it either way. I'm gonna get me some Jamaican love. Teenage, unwed mother, DESPERATE Jamaican love.

Discharges of the Pustular Abnormalities

After 10 years of waiting FINALLY Britney Spears might have nudes coming out

Do you like robots? Do you like robots fighting? Play this game!

Richard Jeni went all Narrator and Shot Himself...IN THE FACE

Ah I love thee. NSFW from Dukes of Hazzard: The beginning

For LOTS of Washed-Up Reality Star Nudity rent The Scorned

Blood Ties wasn't great, but good enough

I want a sleeve of JUST Clown and Clown related tattoos

Find the Energy Drink that's right for you.

Grand theft Auto 4 probably, maybe, possibly set in New York

I'm off to shave my testicles. I've got a date with a schoolteacher that works 6 blocks down. By date I mean I'm going to wait by her car for her to leave school. Then we'll see how our Date goes. Toodles!

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