Thursday, March 29, 2007

I've peed in the corner, and my territory has been successfully marked

New to AXB Enterprises, but not new to the blog world. This the 4th Blog Empire I have written for. As it is for this career path, the other 3 have all fell to the wayside in due time. AXB has allowed me to join his team in hopes it's not myself who as squelched the dreams of many a nubile blogger.

As AXB Enterprises has been looking to branch out to other ventures and add an Energy Drink Reviewing site. Today I registered a domain on Blogger and we have dubbed it EnOrgy. Join us, and if you are good little boys and girls perhaps I will allow you to contribute, yet your ideas and thoughts will be highly scrutinized, and your opinions judged to the extreme.

Jacobus has Risen

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