Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Won't you feel foolish when its found that Arminianism is the correct religious choice?

Jail really isn't THAT bad. After getting yourself checked in and having your prostate molested for drugs, its pretty much downhill. The trick is getting yourself as UN-Attractive as possible. I tried to get as many festering boils as possible to ward off prospective Butt-Pirates. Just as in society, people only want the pretty ones.

4 days inside gives me a new outlook on things. I really should think twice before soliciting myself off at the local High Schools. I have to stop and think ahead, for next time I just can't get caught. I'm thinking I need to focus on ugly fat girls, because big girls need lovin' too. They just need to get raped to get it.

While I consider how not to get caught doing the illegal things that I do, you visit these links and think of the things YOU do. Sinners...

Dinings of Penitentiary Fare

Rage Against The Machine at the Grand Auditorium - Full Download

If you can beat Level 10 you're a better man than I. Really, if your penis is OVER 3 inches you're a better man than I, but who's counting?

The one thing I love more than Comic Books? Hardcore Celebrity Porn Comic Books...NSFW

The Bigger Dance starts soon, and AXB Enterprises has an Office Pool

Parker Posey looks like a Velociraptor, but I'd still hit it

The First Girl to send me a NSFW Photo with a sign for AXB Enterprises will get the very first Official T-Shirt

Who Knows How to Set Up DIGG?

Create Your Own South Park Character, old link, but pertainant to show you Jacobus, the newest member of AXB Enterprises

I Like Thora Birch's Dad's style has some of the most UNFASHIONABLE people ever, but thankfully they're usually topless. NSFW

28 Weeks Later is just sitting there, waiting to Suck

I don't feel like sharing anything else today. If Jacobus gets off his ass perhaps he will bring something to the table later in the week. Fucking Jacobus.

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