Saturday, April 28, 2007

AXB Enterprises is on Wikipedia

Check it out. This is just the latest step for AXB Enterprises.

We'll see how long it can stay up.

AXB Enterprises on Wikipedia

I am currently looking for Staff Writers if you are interested contact me through my Myspace page HERE

AXB Enterprises needs assistance. My penis burns and needs Sexual Healing.

I am looking for an invite to



I'm In Like With You

and really anything else to help AXB Enterprises out there. I need to get a LOT more hits and start generating some Buzz. I think that's what is needed. I need to get the publicity Perez has without having to suck every guy in the room.

If anyone has one, or the ability to get them I would be in your debt. I'll give you an AXB Enterprises t-shirt.

Also, anyone know about RSS/Atom feeds?

Smashing a computer in a bikini...with a sword

So the lovely gal over at Tech.Chick.Blog. has made an offer that really you shouldn't refuse. She has said that if she can get 500 unique comments on THIS page;

That she'll smash her computer with a sword and then post the video. While this is COMPLETELY unneeded, it truly has the ability to be glorious.

If you could repost this I would greatly appreciate it. HERE for the most glorious topless photo ever taken

Friday, April 27, 2007

What is the Age Limit on Fantasizing about girls???

I found a backdoor into, and to tell you the truth it's not that impressive. Sure they have 1000's of pictures of each of their girls, but who wants to look at 1000's of pictures? Really now. They do have the option to watch Porn Streaming, yet not fast forward to the threesome scenes. Bastards. I masturbate twice before finding anything worth masturbating to. It works still, and it's free.

Jacobus has been AWOL as of late. He told me he was "Going to Iceland to some Rock festival" or some shit, and I hear nothing for weeks. I read on some message boards that he MIGHT have gotten picked up on some Child Porn issues. It happens to the best of us I guess. It's just SO damned tempting. I have been caught many times wondering;

I bet she smells good

When afterwards you figure she's APPROXIMATELY 13.

Charges of the Statutory Nature

Dumb Bitch Should Know Better. Possible Rape Positively Assault...NSFW

Top Ten Clowns...Go Here and Go Here NOW

Sanjaya's Mom and Sister LOVE the Sweet Leaf

More Nudist Pictures than you can shake a stick at...a Naked Stick. NSFW

Finally Satan has answered my Prayers

Shia LeBouf wants to be Yorrick in Y:The Last Man

Sluts on Myspace who are not ACTUALLY on Myspace. NSFW

Darkness is Spreading! NSFW

Why don't girls take pictures like this for me? NSFW

I LOVE Blonde chicks that take naked photos of themselves. NSFW

Some Artsy Nudes...really it's just nudes. NSFW

The HOTTEST Blogger I've ever found. I wonder if she'll link me?

Thoughts of the Average American Television Viewer(As Imagined By Network Executives)

The OFFICIAL Amateur thread. I LOVE Amateur nudes. NSFW

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

At least Hitler was thorough

I was reading my neighbors mail this morning as I took a dump, and she really didn't have anything interesting. Mostly catalogs and credit card applications (which i will send in for her and use for myself). I never see her leave her house...ever. Perhaps she is dead, perhaps she has moved, but either way I'm crawling out on the fire escape and breaking in tomorrow night. I need me some Brown Sugar. Not in a sexual way either...I just can't afford Brown Sugar, although she is black as a bucket of tar.

If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go see if my OTHER neighbor's daughter wants to fool around. It's actually nice weather, so what better to do than stay in and get naked?

Racial Slurs of the Brown Distinction

Mother and Daughter make out for Larry the Cable Guy tickets...glorious

Thankfully they plan on Updated The Joker for The Dark Knight

David Beckham and his Penis. NSFW, and may I add kind of odd?

Closest I can get to counteract. Victoria Beckham in a See-Through top

Entensity has moved Whack-Off Wednesday to DAILY

Natalie Portman doing a Ghetto Strip Tease. PROBABLY NSFW

One of the BEST TV Commercials of the past 5 years

For The Gays...Kaiser Chiefs -Yours Truly, Angry Mob

Ever want to see a panty shot of Fantasia? Bet you do you sick fuck

Chyler Leigh in a picture I have masturbated to on numerous occasions

A webpage to take you back to your youth, but completely avoid that part where your Uncle put his mouth on your...I've said too much

Tila Nguyen, I'm REALLY tired of people calling her Tila Tequila, topless. As she should be.

Friday, April 13, 2007

They call it the Trail of Tears because they were laughing so hard

Pinkeye( Named after Pinkerton I assume) is kicking my ass. I blame the children. It's always about the kids these days. Fucking Future of our Country, I tell ya.

Did you hear that Gonorrea has all but mutated beyond treatment. The Gift that Keeps on Giving. Who wants a dose of the most popular STD out there? I've got just the source for you.

Pustular Discharges

Got time to spare? Try this game. I play at LEAST a dozen games a day, because I've got nothing better to do.

I can only assume she's about to piss into this bottle, that'd be hot. NSFW

2 Girls Showering I need to get into specifics? NSFW

Well THIS is delicious. HQ and Partially NSFW

I LOVE Small Breasted Redheads. NSFW

This girl used to live near me. NSFW

I'm gonna buy this shirt once I find a way to pay for it

LOVE me Small Breasted PIERCED Redheads. NSFW

Barely NSFW Picture of the last Redhead from her Myspace...I tracked her down because I'm a stalker

Hayden, you little Minx.

Question: What do you call 4,000 Dead Cherokees between Tennessee and Oklahoma?

Answer: Last Place in the Marathon...get it?

Not really a joke, but Genocide RARELY is....rarely I say

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I need porn, because it won't rub itself

Olivia Mojica was on American Idol and sucked, now she's in porn, and she sucks.

Get it? This time on a penis?

She, like all the girls I date, taped herself having sex and it SOMEHOW got released onto the Intraweb. Chances are she's gonna put out an album. Either way I could care less. If she's famous of not, it all masturbates the same.

Terribly NSFW. Turn down your speakers Jack Ass.

Here is the "Trailer" for it's official release. These are the same people that did the "I'm gonna Piss On You" Ray J and Kim Kardashian tape.

UPDATE: Trailer has been subsequently pulled. If I find it elsewhere I will post again.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

If our Government is so great, why is Government Cheese the bane of my existence?

You ever have to poop so bad, but just hold it to see how long you can? I haven't sat on a toilet, except to pee, for days. Its beginning to hurt, but if I can go a week I get $20. This isn't the first time I've done this, and each time I have failed, but not THIS time. It doesn't help that I have been living on a steady diet of Government Cheese and Camel cigarettes. When it does come out, it's gonna hurt.

EnOrgy is going along quite swimmingly(People don't use Swimmingly enough...bringin' it back) and Jacobus hasn't really disappointed. I could use a few more posts a week, but whatever. He has OTHER jobs as well. Ones that pay. I just hook him up with pornography and religious texts. I don't ask why.

Droppings of a Congested Gallimaufry

Hayden Panettiere is legal August 21st, and then HOPEFULLY I can masturbate without people looking down upon me.

The most ridiculous American Gladiator ever in his pinnacle interview

ALL Cheerleaders should dress like this, this or naked on my face

GTA IV details out

To Win 2 Tickets to ANY Sporting Event in the world sign up for the Bigger Dance. Jacobus needs to get off his ass and make his bracket

Online Petition to make Spiderman the Cartoon on DVD

Werewolf Women of the SS Trailer from Grindhouse

Random Nudity because I can

Pretty Sure this is the greatest premise for a movie...ever

A Directory of Fetishes(Fetishi?) for your viewing pleasure

I can't afford energy drinks or I would update. I DO have 5 more cans of Howling Monkey, but if you've read EnOrgy you know my opinion on that.