Wednesday, April 18, 2007

At least Hitler was thorough

I was reading my neighbors mail this morning as I took a dump, and she really didn't have anything interesting. Mostly catalogs and credit card applications (which i will send in for her and use for myself). I never see her leave her house...ever. Perhaps she is dead, perhaps she has moved, but either way I'm crawling out on the fire escape and breaking in tomorrow night. I need me some Brown Sugar. Not in a sexual way either...I just can't afford Brown Sugar, although she is black as a bucket of tar.

If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go see if my OTHER neighbor's daughter wants to fool around. It's actually nice weather, so what better to do than stay in and get naked?

Racial Slurs of the Brown Distinction

Mother and Daughter make out for Larry the Cable Guy tickets...glorious

Thankfully they plan on Updated The Joker for The Dark Knight

David Beckham and his Penis. NSFW, and may I add kind of odd?

Closest I can get to counteract. Victoria Beckham in a See-Through top

Entensity has moved Whack-Off Wednesday to DAILY

Natalie Portman doing a Ghetto Strip Tease. PROBABLY NSFW

One of the BEST TV Commercials of the past 5 years

For The Gays...Kaiser Chiefs -Yours Truly, Angry Mob

Ever want to see a panty shot of Fantasia? Bet you do you sick fuck

Chyler Leigh in a picture I have masturbated to on numerous occasions

A webpage to take you back to your youth, but completely avoid that part where your Uncle put his mouth on your...I've said too much

Tila Nguyen, I'm REALLY tired of people calling her Tila Tequila, topless. As she should be.

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Cheyenna said...

Wasn't Tila on that VH1 Ted Nugent show?

David Beckham is uncut.

How thrilled am I that my commercial is on here. I love you.