Tuesday, April 10, 2007

If our Government is so great, why is Government Cheese the bane of my existence?

You ever have to poop so bad, but just hold it to see how long you can? I haven't sat on a toilet, except to pee, for days. Its beginning to hurt, but if I can go a week I get $20. This isn't the first time I've done this, and each time I have failed, but not THIS time. It doesn't help that I have been living on a steady diet of Government Cheese and Camel cigarettes. When it does come out, it's gonna hurt.

EnOrgy is going along quite swimmingly(People don't use Swimmingly enough...bringin' it back) and Jacobus hasn't really disappointed. I could use a few more posts a week, but whatever. He has OTHER jobs as well. Ones that pay. I just hook him up with pornography and religious texts. I don't ask why.

Droppings of a Congested Gallimaufry

Hayden Panettiere is legal August 21st, and then HOPEFULLY I can masturbate without people looking down upon me.

The most ridiculous American Gladiator ever in his pinnacle interview

ALL Cheerleaders should dress like this, this or naked on my face

GTA IV details out

To Win 2 Tickets to ANY Sporting Event in the world sign up for the Bigger Dance. Jacobus needs to get off his ass and make his bracket

Online Petition to make Spiderman the Cartoon on DVD

Werewolf Women of the SS Trailer from Grindhouse

Random Nudity because I can

Pretty Sure this is the greatest premise for a movie...ever

A Directory of Fetishes(Fetishi?) for your viewing pleasure

I can't afford energy drinks or I would update. I DO have 5 more cans of Howling Monkey, but if you've read EnOrgy you know my opinion on that.

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Cheyenna said...

Have you watched Karate Cop yet?