Friday, April 13, 2007

They call it the Trail of Tears because they were laughing so hard

Pinkeye( Named after Pinkerton I assume) is kicking my ass. I blame the children. It's always about the kids these days. Fucking Future of our Country, I tell ya.

Did you hear that Gonorrea has all but mutated beyond treatment. The Gift that Keeps on Giving. Who wants a dose of the most popular STD out there? I've got just the source for you.

Pustular Discharges

Got time to spare? Try this game. I play at LEAST a dozen games a day, because I've got nothing better to do.

I can only assume she's about to piss into this bottle, that'd be hot. NSFW

2 Girls Showering I need to get into specifics? NSFW

Well THIS is delicious. HQ and Partially NSFW

I LOVE Small Breasted Redheads. NSFW

This girl used to live near me. NSFW

I'm gonna buy this shirt once I find a way to pay for it

LOVE me Small Breasted PIERCED Redheads. NSFW

Barely NSFW Picture of the last Redhead from her Myspace...I tracked her down because I'm a stalker

Hayden, you little Minx.

Question: What do you call 4,000 Dead Cherokees between Tennessee and Oklahoma?

Answer: Last Place in the Marathon...get it?

Not really a joke, but Genocide RARELY is....rarely I say

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Cheyenna said...

I love the Girls Next Door, but I think that Kendra has one of the ugliest faces the. world.