Friday, April 27, 2007

What is the Age Limit on Fantasizing about girls???

I found a backdoor into, and to tell you the truth it's not that impressive. Sure they have 1000's of pictures of each of their girls, but who wants to look at 1000's of pictures? Really now. They do have the option to watch Porn Streaming, yet not fast forward to the threesome scenes. Bastards. I masturbate twice before finding anything worth masturbating to. It works still, and it's free.

Jacobus has been AWOL as of late. He told me he was "Going to Iceland to some Rock festival" or some shit, and I hear nothing for weeks. I read on some message boards that he MIGHT have gotten picked up on some Child Porn issues. It happens to the best of us I guess. It's just SO damned tempting. I have been caught many times wondering;

I bet she smells good

When afterwards you figure she's APPROXIMATELY 13.

Charges of the Statutory Nature

Dumb Bitch Should Know Better. Possible Rape Positively Assault...NSFW

Top Ten Clowns...Go Here and Go Here NOW

Sanjaya's Mom and Sister LOVE the Sweet Leaf

More Nudist Pictures than you can shake a stick at...a Naked Stick. NSFW

Finally Satan has answered my Prayers

Shia LeBouf wants to be Yorrick in Y:The Last Man

Sluts on Myspace who are not ACTUALLY on Myspace. NSFW

Darkness is Spreading! NSFW

Why don't girls take pictures like this for me? NSFW

I LOVE Blonde chicks that take naked photos of themselves. NSFW

Some Artsy Nudes...really it's just nudes. NSFW

The HOTTEST Blogger I've ever found. I wonder if she'll link me?

Thoughts of the Average American Television Viewer(As Imagined By Network Executives)

The OFFICIAL Amateur thread. I LOVE Amateur nudes. NSFW

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