Thursday, May 31, 2007

AXB Enterprises gives 2 weeks of leave a year

In the madness of trying to get out of my 1 bedroom cabin in the middle of the largest drug neighborhood in my city and into a slightly larger house in a slightly less drug infested neighborhood I've neglected work.

I haven't posted in almost a week, and while I should say sorry...none of you read this religiously so it doesn't matter. I do have a few items for your viewing today, but not a whole lot. I plan on doing a PodCast tomorrow and figuring out a better upload system.


The Top Twelve Wet T-Shirt Scenes in Cinema

Why Twelve instead of Ten? It's because Wet T-Shirts kick ass. That's why. Thanks JoBlo!

Personally I think it was rigged. Kirsten Dunst should be NOWHERE near the top of the list, and the scene in Girl Next Door wasn't fantastic either. I'm dismayed that Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol wasn't higher. I love that movie.

AXB Enterprises

Also today "Rampage" Jackson has a BIG Dick and Big Balls. 'Nuff Said.

P.S. Jimmy Eat World kicks ass as well.

Friday, May 25, 2007

AXB Enterprises Podcast, Version 1.2

Figured I'd whet your Memorial Day palette with some lovely audio lovin.

This podcast features the music of;

Guns N Roses
The Rasmus

The topic is all about movies. I talk about how bad Spiderman and Pirates were, and share my insight on a Top 10 of sorts of my own. Feel free to download and listen at your leisure. Send me comments on what you agreed and disagreed with, and if it's worth reading I'll send you a free DVD. FREE I say!

Click HERE for our Newest Podcast "AXB Enterprises 1.2"

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yet again the Intraweb comes through in the clutch

My brother turned me on to one of the best sites I've ever found. Now, I throw this phrase around a lot, because I am constantly surprised by what is out there. The site in question today is

AXB Enterprises

This site features FULL episodes of old tv shows. I just got done watching the Entire Series of Strange Luck. It's one of my favorite shows from the 90's. Next I'm going to catch up on Twin Peaks and Star Trek DS9.

While this site doesn't have EVERY show, it's got quite a few. I would love to find F/X:The Series or The Pretender, but that old rule for beggars and all.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Olly Moss has become my hero, sorry Sean Connery

Olly Moss is the artist of the shirt featured in the last post, and his website has some of the most amazing shirts I've ever seen. I actually plan on buying each and every one of these to follow including the Spoiler Shirt. That is unless Olly wanted to hook a Blogger up.

Really they're just fantastic. As I write this I get distracted into the depths of Threadless and peruse their entire catalog. Most of their stuff is sickeningly original and gorgeous. I really don't need this many shirts, but I just got a raise, I can afford it.

While Olly's work get the Geek in me excited, the Man in me is ready and willing to cheat on him and buy other peoples work.

The greatest Geek Shirt EVER Made

Yes I know this gives away spoilers, but if you haven't seen these movies you have NO reason to be reading my site. That is all.

Buy it here!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh died before your time

As saddened as I am at the cancellation of Drive and Jericho, I do get a little excited about the possibility of one of the NEW shows to actually be good. In the end I know that each show I get entrapped into will in fact be cancelled like so many before(See Strange Luck, Blade, F/X, et al) just as it gets good. has accumulated a list of new shows and why they will be cancelled. Just click the image, and enjoy!

Image Courtesy of

Blogger gets a little less Bloggerish

Big news in my OTHER career. I just received a huge promotion in the Music Industry. One step closer to A&R at Columbia.

In lieu of a wasted post on my dealings I have decided to post the Rambo 4 trailer for all those who have been waiting just as long as I have.

Due to the intrigue of I was lucky enough to receive an insane amount of hits yesterday. Pay no real attention to the counter on this page, as it is something else entirely.

Also check out the posts on our Sister Site EnOrgy for the latest in Energy Drink Reviews

Monday, May 21, 2007 Has a Secret Message has surfaced claiming to be the first official picture of The Joker from The Dark Knight. Whether or not its true is a mute point.

AXB Enterprises
The controversy with Heath Ledger as the Joker and the alledged photos of him in makeup have been occupying many a Geeks mind for months. This is not he first picture claiming to be a true representation of The Joker, but this one certainly is the newest.

If you look closely at the page you'll notice a thousand or so "Ha"s written across the page in varying sizes. If you look even closer you'll see;

"See You In DECeMbER"

Written between the words with letters at random intervals.

If you don't believe me just Alt+A the whole page then Replace "Ha" with " " in Word. You'll see.

The Dark Knight hits theaters July 18, 2008.

AXB Enterprises Claims to be the first post this as I have seen NOTHING else regarding.

digg story

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday musings

I just checked my box here at work and found my ESPN VIP passes to the Olympus Rally today, so I'm just a couple hours away from hanging out with Travis Pastrana. Pretty sweet. Love my job.

Love THIS job just as much though. My side career of Professional Blogger is going QUITE swimmingly. Despite possible setbacks I am very close to deciding on the aspect and extent of my Laptop to be ordered for convenience of Blogging.

I've spent the last few hours on I'm In like With You and just found a few new Invites I received. I've got 6 available if anyone is interested. Just leave a comment with an email address or Contact Us from the tabs on the right.

----->Over there. No, a bit farther down----->

First come first serve. Top bidder on my newest game gets AXB Enterprises Merch.

I planned on posting some Links today but the Intraweb is dead. Nothing to report. Be sure to download my first of many Podcasts below to keep updated on AXB Enterprises.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Shut down by The Man

As it is for most people I have most of my Intraweb access through work. It's where I am all day, and therefore do the majority of surfing and posting while here. As of the beginning of June Mr.Billy Morris has created a listing of sites NOT allowed to be accessed while on the job. This list more than likely will contain sites including, but not exclusive to;

& all the NSFW sites I visit at work. Ironically

This really puts AXB Enterprises in a bind. I have access at mi casa, but without a reliable computer it really doesn't work so good. So look for a slowing of content here at AXB Enterprises, just as we get off the ground. I apologize for this ahead of time, but I will do what I can to move around these restrictions.

-Alistair Xavier Booya
Co-Founder AXB Enterprises

Thursday, May 17, 2007

AXB Enterprises now does Podcasts

I JUST got done recording our first of many Podcasts for AXB Enterprises.

Our first venture into downloadable content is a 15 minute review of all that is new in Comic Books, and what you need to read. I meant to cover a bevy of topics, but once I get into talking about Comics I tend to ramble.

Click Here to Download and Listen

Bookmark this site or sign on to our Feed for more from AXB Enterprises

Podcasts...Allegedly the thing to do

Within the next hour I plan on giving you a chance to download the first of many AXB Enterprises Podcasts.

The basis of the blog is "What Comics You Should be Reading"


Storm Large & the Balls

Red Red Blue

The Rasmus


That is all for now.

All that is great about Independent Comic Book Movies

Back when ComicCon used to rule, they had FanFilm contests. Then came the time when the FanFilms actually started to become better than the actual movies. This is what I share with you out there. Some good, some not so good, but all enough to make a Comic Book geek smile.

Superman vs Batman: Worlds Finest

Fantastic Four

G.I.Joe vs Cobra

Catwoman: Resolution

Catwoman: 9 Lives

Patient J

Now, the two best Comic Book movies ever made, except for Tank Girl. Lori Petty's hot. Both films I have on Bootlegs bought from conventions.


Batman: Dead End

All Videos "Borrowed" From Youtube

Breakin 4: Now with MORE Breakin!

If you didn't find the Baby Kicking video, you probably shouldn't watch this one. complete me.

Good stuff to start the day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

TG Motocross 3. The reason my work isn't done. does an excellent job of wasting my day. I have beaten every game they have on their site, and even ranked a couple times over the years. I digress.

Their best series has been their TG Motocross games(Followed VERY closely by Blueprint) and they finally put out a 3rd edition. They added freestyle tricks to the tracks, but also made most of the levels almost impossible to beat. I've spent more than a few hours already this week trying to master this edition, and by that fact alone it deserves to be given to the world.

TG Motocross 3

I would suggest using the Practice Mode before jumping in. Level 1 is fairly easy, but to a novice Level 2 gets rapidly harder.

I'm meeting with Travis Pastrana this weekend. Jealous much?

CBS Announces Fall Lineup. Saddens Blogger.

CBS announced what shows will be returning in the Fall today and damn Les Moonves made the announcement that Jericho will no longer be with us.

Granted the Season Finale sucked, but the show itself was really good. We're keeping NCIS and The Unit thankfully, but some of the shows they are bringing in this Fall sound like they REALLY suck.

'A new reality show, "Kid Nation," will take 40 children and set them up in an abandoned New Mexico town. Cameras will follow them as they try to set up their own society without adult supervision."

Who wants to watch a Reality Show about kids? No drinking, no drama, no sex. Nuff Said

""Moonlight," about a vampire in modern society"

I already Tivo this and it's called Bloodties, with the lovely Christina Cox by the way, and we all see how the ratings are going for her.

Also returning;

"Cold Case, Criminal Minds, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, NCIS, Ghost Whisperer, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS, Numb3rs, Rules of Engagement, Shark, 60 Minutes, Survivor, Two and a Half Men, The Unit and Without a Trace."

ABC announced that they will be making a "Comedy" involving the Geico Cavemen. Really, that can only go bad.

Also involved is the, unfortunately, sure to be a hit Greys 2.0 show "Private Practice".

Also planned are a couple Lawyer shows, and a couple bad sitcoms.

Thankfully we've got Traveler over the summer to enjoy, and

Heroes has been added with a 30 Episode Run. It's about time that us Comic Book Geeks have something to watch. This includes 6 hour-long "Heroes Origins" episodes that dig into specific characters.

Kind of excited for "Chuck". A Tech accidentally downloads government documents directly into his brain, which of COURSE leads him into a life of being a Government/Spy/Assassin/More than likely Clumsy Lover

Is anyone else upset that The Black Donnellys was cancelled? I thought the show was done quite well, but then nothing. Sure you can download the remaining episodes off of NBC, but still.

The most anticipated series for me and the most likely to last 3 episodes are "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" featuring queen from 300 and the Gay Kid
friend of Claire's in Heroes.

FOX also seems to have added a bunch of Cop Dramas. One of which is based out of New Orleans, which just begs to suck.

Quite brilliantly they picked up a Kelsey Grammer-Patricia Heaton comedy, which most likely will run for 30 seasons and get progressively more popular and less funny.

The CW will announce their Fall Lineup tomorrow, and if Supernatural and Smallville aren't involved I might cry...just a little bit...on the inside...under a manly beard.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Breakin 3: Breakin Children

Ah, With Leather. You never tend to disappoint. You bring me the latest on slutty cheerleaders and drug scandals, and THIS little Gem.

I dare you to not at least smirk at Newton's Laws in practice.

That's just funny. I have watched it a half dozen times already.

Christain McAlhaney of Anberlin in AP

As I'm reading the new AP I notice a couple things. First off, I love their fonts. Second, I'm glad to see a write up on a buddy of mine's band. Christian McAlhaney(Formerly of Acceptance) is finally in publicity photos of the band.

AXB Enterprises

He's been added to their lineup for a few months now, but everywhere I look I only find the older pictures with the former guitarist. I wanted to just point out their accomplishments and give some free publicity, as if they need it.

The last time I saw Christian in a magazine he was kissing another guy at Warped Tour. This photo is much better. The last time I saw Christian was New Years I believe out at the Beach. He had just begun working on Thunder Thunder and on the backing band of Rockstar: Supernova's Dilana.

AXB Enterprises

"It seems as though these Florida-based modern-rockers have outperformed their own expectations. Singer Stephen Christian and Co. are navigating the growing pains as best as they can." -Alternative Press #227

Official Homepage




I've ascended the Blogosphere

I fully plan on recording a PodCast this week. If there were any recommendations I'd be happy to indulge, but otherwise it'll be mostly gibberish concerning comic books and bad movies. Enjoy it when you can. I'm hoping to get one up before Gabrielle, just for my own reasons.

I've found I get extremely jealous when she finds something I REALLY like I'd never seen. This is why I'm extremely excited to finally get an exclusive invite to a Beta. I don't know if she already got an invite to TIOTI, but I don't really care.

In yo FACE TechChickBloggr!

AXB Enterprises

In. Yo. Face!

That is all for now.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Worlds Worst Podcast

I've been trying to set up a date for me and a friend of mine to do a PodCast. I have all of the equipment since I work at a Radio Station, and why not. The kids like them. I may just set one up on my own to showcase some material I have. Maybe this weekend.

ANYWAYS, as she does, the lovely Gabrielle has found and posted one more item I am jealous of. It's called Talkr and it turns blogs into Audio. More creepy than interesting, but I suppose if you had something really important and you could get past Satan herself reading it, then by all means go ahead.

Here is my latest Post on Linkin Park in MP3 form. Represented by a sad clown.

AXB Enterprises

Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight is like my Dad in a dress

While in my head I KNOW that it's my Dad, something just isn't right. Chester and Mike have both said over and over again they wanted to make a NEW sound to Linkin Park, and forgo the Rap/Rock stigma that has plagued them. Their 3rd Album(We don't count Live in Texas) not counting the Jay-Z collaboration, which kicked ass by the way, will be released tomorrow, but AXB Enterprises was sent a copy a week ago. We've been listening, and the absence of Rap kind of took away from the album. Replaced with a recurring "Clapping" instead, it sounds a lot like every Hoobastank album ever put out. This is not a bad thing, for Hoobastank rocks, but my mind KNOWS it's Linkin Park.

Here is the AXB Enterprises rundown of Minutes to Midnight.

It starts off with a nice little 1:41 Intro Track called "Wake". While both cryptic and moving, it sets the stage for what’s to come. It has all the partially distorted sound of Hybrid Theory, but in reality works as an all but useless instrumental crescendo to nothingness.

"Given Up"-Our first introduction to the clapping. We'll return to this. Standard issue guitar and mediocre writing really tells us what to expect from the album. The chorus really sounds like Chester, but Chester singing in some lighter band as it seems. It's not terrible, but its by no mean memorable.

"Leave Out All The Rest"-An Intro that reminds us of the glory of Crawling, but then vocals that remind me of some artsy ballad. Quite a bit more Pop than I would like, but overall one of the stand out songs on the album. No sudden changes or alterations to the formula of ballads. It stays on course and delivers a solid effort.

"Bleed it Out"-Is that rap? Not technically. Is that clapping? Yes it is. With a sound like a Frat House impromptu concert it has wicked potential. A simple chorus adds to Mike Shinoda's erratic but structured(yeah..)verse. Chester has his standard grain to his voice, when this song it just doesn't fit. The beat is just too simple and "polite" to sound hardcore.

"Shadow of the Day"-NIN Closer beat starts it off, which can usually mean a good thing, but then its another ballad. This is one of those Sampling dilemmas that arise. Should you use something so iconic then not deliver an equally dark anthem? Sure artistic licence is just that, and you can do whatever you want, but it just doesn't seem right. Much like the entire album.

"What I've Done"-Gothic and menacing beats elude to "One Step Closer", with a sound very reminiscent of early LP, and of the Intro "Wake". The vocals remind this blogger of Eve 6. Don't ask me why, but they do. It's ok, and that's pretty much it. You've all heard this as their single. You know what it sounds like.

"Hands Held High"-Mike Shinoda's debut as a Solo on a LP album. I've always thoroughly enjoyed Mike's sound, and this song is no different. With a simple snare and choir harmonies as a base it is a highlight of the album. Political and social commentary abound, while they say that there is no Political basis of their songs, personal views share glimpses of the truth in lyrics.

"No more Sorrow"-Is that Clap-Clap-Clapping I hear? Seriously Rick(Rubin), if there were over 140 songs to choose from, what are the odds of the clapping? While it would sound good with one, it draws away with 3 in one set. Very dark guitars and drums demands attention, while Gerard Way vocals sound a little forced. I finally realize who this album sounds like. I'll return to that. Not good, not unbearable.

"Valentine's Day"-Another ballad, but with better lyrics this time, at least they relate to one another. Another Pop song that would be accompanied by a Black and White introspective video, possibly of them all on the bus either writing in journals or laughing about an untold joke.

"In Between"-"let me apologize to begin with. Let me apologize for what I'm about to say." These lyrics start the song, and they were smart to not have this as the CD opener, because people might just listen. Another solo from Mike, yet this one is in no way as fantastic.

"In pieces"-Gay Disco beats overpower vocals on this track. Repeating the verse is not the formula for a great song. The guitar solo is equally impressive as it is unneeded. This song just doesn't deliver.

"The Little Things Give You Away"-Their "New Orleans Song", but not. "the Levees are broken...", "Six feet underwater", "washed away, as a nation simply stares". Chester and the band can say anything they want, but when you release a 6 minute PLUS song integrating very political disregard it shows. Not a stand out by any means, but that's fairly standard on the album.

Choice Tracks;

"Hands Held High" & "Leave Out All the Rest" are the stand outs on the album. Go ahead and get them on iTunes or the download service of your preference.

If you are a die hard LP fan this cd is a good addition to the collection, but if only because it is Linkin Park. If you are NOT die hard, just go out and purchase Dead Letters by The Rasmus instead. Same formula with better results.

Overall: B

AXB Enterprises
Photo Courtesy of Linkin Park


I have an afinity for really bad movies. I own the ENTIRE American Ninja series, and claim #2 as a Top Ten movie of mine. I enjoy Bring it On Again MUCH more than Bring it On. I own American Psycho 2, Starship Troopers 2, and Weekend at Bernies 2, but NOT the originals. I love it. That's why I loved running across this little Gem of a Montage put together by Schulte Fiaja.

I had the "privilage" to host a Karaoke contest last night at the local casino/karaoke bar. Now here are some ground rules for Karaoke if you in fact do love the "Forbidden Sport" as I will call it.

1. NEVER do Johnny Cash. Yes he sings slow, but that doesn't mean you can pull it off.

2. Pick a song you can sing, not one that you like listening to.

3. Never ask the judges how you did. They'll just lie to you. If you have to ask, then you didn't do very good.

4. One drink to loosen up=Good. 10 drinks before singing=Bad

5. Don't tell people you think you do really good on a song. Chances are you do NOT!

Those are just some simple things I needed to point out. I'm sure I will go back and judge some more of these things as they go on. It's just inevitable. They give me free dinner, and free drinks if I still drank, which really isn't that good there. Irony...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

UseMyComputer is right...there really ISN'T enough Rachel Perry anymore

You may have noticed I tend to get attached to women I don't know. From Katie of Katie's World(NSFW), to Christina Cox, and most recently the lovely TechChickBlogger. All of these women really don't have anything in common, and my attraction is different for all. From absolute infatuation, to utmost respect and attraction, to overly sexual professional Admiration(in that order) they all have something that I want and need. Now, these aren't the only girls in my life mind you. Katie and Christina have both been loves of mine for going on 10 years, and my Stalker-like obsession of others comes and goes. One girl that has ALWAYS intrigued me has been Rachel Perry.

She's an Industry professional in my OTHER career, and really she's just smoking hot. I'm not going to hold it against her for being Canadian...actually now that I think about it I've mentioned 3 Canadians I'm attracted to in one blog. Weird. Anyways, from watching her on MuchMusic to VH1 she's just adorable. Once in awhile you hear rumblings about her, but I have kept tabs on her over the years. As I do. Call it Stalking 2.0, call it OCD, but who are YOU to judge?

Here's Rachel Perry courtesy of the folks at in Hi-Def glory.

For more pictures ofRachel Perry check out .Don't click on any pictures or anything though, it's just a backdoor ad to XX-Passes.

AXB Enterprises

Friday, May 11, 2007

EnOrgy finally has a logo befitting

I worked on this for a bit this afternoon. The shading is amateur, but thankfully so am I...

AXB Enterprises

Check out EnOrgy Here!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

New game at IILWY

I just created a new game at IILWY regarding my last post. Bid, share, then Bid again.


What would you rather see Dale drive?
A: Red Budweiser #8 Chevy
B: Red Budweiser #3 Chevy
C: Black Budweiser #8 Chevy
D: Black Budweiser #3 Chevy
E #51 Mello Yello Lumina

If you are NOT involved in IILWY and would like an invite just leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

Designing NEW AXB Enterprises shirts to accentuate our new look. Gabrielle will be getting one shipped to her, and so could you!

Dale Jr leaving DEI

It's about time. I can't wait to see the Black Budweiser #3 Chevy at Daytona. It will be a sweet, sweet day.

Fuck you Teresa

Dale Earnhardt Jr. will leave the company founded by his late father at the end of the year in a shake-up certain to ignite a bidding war for NASCAR's most popular driver.

He told Dale Earnhardt Inc. on Thursday that he had decided to make the switch to another team when his contract expires, intent on going to a more competitive team.

"At 32 years of age, the same age my father was when he made his final and most important career decision, it's time for me to compete on a consistent basis and contend for championships now," Earnhardt said at a news conference. "I believe I'd have my father's blessing."

Earnhardt had asked for 51 percent ownership of the team now run by his stepmother, Teresa. Negotiations on a contract extension began before the season and have been tense all along. Earnhardt's sister, Kelley Earnhardt Elledge, had set a deadline to get the deal done by the end of the month.

"We never even got close," Earnhardt said from the JR Motorsports shop in Mooresville.

He stressed money is not the issue.

"It's not the guy who gives me the biggest paycheck. It's the person I feel like will allow me to accomplish what I want to in my career, on the race track, in this shop itself," he said. "There's some things you can't get with money, peace of mind and satisfaction in what you do everyday. ... I'm seeking to have that peace of mind and that comfort to be able to really be an asset to somebody. I want to go somewhere and really make things happen for somebody."

Sitting next to his sister and wearing a T-shirt and an open collared shirt, Earnhardt said he leaves DEI with mixed emotions.

"I'm sad that I have to leave some employees that I got close to, leave some relationships," he said. "We're going to finish this year out, and I told my guys we're going to run hard. I don't want any excuses for us not giving our best effort. I plan on giving everything I've got like I always do, and hopefully that's what I'll get in return."

In a statement, Teresa Earnhardt said DEI will thrive without Junior.

"While we are very disappointed that Dale Jr. has chosen to leave the family business, we remain excited about our company's future," she said. "Dale and I built this company to be a championship contender, and those principles still apply. Dale Earnhardt Inc. will win. ... This company has a great legacy and a bright future, built on loyalty, integrity and commitment."

Earnhardt said Teresa Earnhardt wasn't surprised when he told her of his decision.

"I think now she's looking around the corner to do what she needs to do to prepare her company and everything there for 2008," he said.

Earnhardt, too, must decide what's best for his future. He said he would like to continue to drive Chevrolets, which will limit his options. It's also likely his primary sponsor, Budweiser, will move with him to the new team.

"I believe our first choice would be to drive for another top, competitive team," Elledge said. "Our last choice would be to form our own Cup team. If that was necessary, that would be what we would do."

"We're going to listen to everybody," Earnhardt added.

One possible suitor is Richard Childress Racing, always considered the most logical place for Junior to go. Childress and Dale Earnhardt Sr. were extremely close, and Junior has maintained a relationship with the car owner.

That makes sense to Darrell Waltrip, one of Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s friendly rivals who traveled from Nashville at Earnhardt's request to join him for Thursday's announcement.

"I've always thought RCR just because of the Childress-Earnhardt relationship," Waltrip said. "I personally have always thought the racing world would be right if Dale Earnhardt Jr. drove the black No. 3 car."

RCR can add him as the fourth and final team NASCAR permits each owner. It would team him with Kevin Harvick, who replaced the elder Earnhardt following his 2001 death, and has openly invited Junior to join the organization.

"I've got to do a little soul searching on how I feel driving the No. 3 car," Earnhardt said.

It's also possible that RCR would lease JR Motorsports its engines should Earnhardt field his own team.

So could Hendrick Motorsports.

One of three Chevrolet teams better than DEI, Hendrick Motorsports has no room in its stable for Earnhardt.

Hendrick, winner of seven of the past eight Cup races, is already maxed out with four teams but could assist Earnhardt by leasing him engines. Hendrick already leases motors to Ginn Racing and Haas-CNC Racing, and Earnhardt recently got to feel their horsepower when he jumped into Kyle Busch's car during a race last month.

The wildcard could be Joe Gibbs Racing, another powerful three-car Chevy team that would pair him with buddies Tony Stewart and Denny Hamlin. Earnhardt and Stewart have worked wonderfully together on restrictor plate tracks, and Earnhardt befriended Hamlin early in his career.

Gibbs is coach of the Washington Redskins, and Earnhardt is die-hard fan. He wore a Redskins cap backward Monday during a test session at Lowe's Motor Speedway, where he expressed frustration over the NASCAR-mandated Car of Tomorrow and admitted DEI can't keep up with Hendrick's COT program.

"There are a lot of logical scenarios that people are going to put together," Earnhardt said. "We've seen quite a few scenarios over the last couple of days that were kind of amusing. Some right, some not so right."

Earnhardt and Elledge have been adamant their only goal is to help Junior win Cup championships, something he's been unable to do at DEI. He hasn't been a legitimate title contender since 2004. In 2005, he had a horrendous season when Teresa Earnhardt split up his crew, and he failed to make the Chase for the championship.

He rebounded last year by making the Chase, but was never a threat for the title.

"I am a little sad, but I am trying to remind myself to be excited about what's ahead," Earnhardt said.

By Jenna Fryer, AP Auto Racing Writer

(Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Stolen from KARE 11 because I'm lazy

Mastodon! Pterodactyl! Triceratops! Saber-Toothed Tiger! Tyrannosaurus!

As I do, I was searching Wikipedia for information about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. You know, see if I can find autopsy photos of Thuy Trang, or Gay porn photos of Austin St.John. On both accounts I came up empty, but I DID find this little gem that's slipped past security of the Wikipedia world. This is the actual write up on the Pink Ranger.

"Pink Ranger has massive oral sex with the red ranger.. The Pink Ranger is usually a subordinate sex slave of the team (though in Power Rangers: Time Force, the Pink Ranger was the hooker to them all), and they also receive the most candid sex toys. Unlike Yellow Rangers, in every Power Rangers and Super Sentai series the Pink Ranger is female, and their spandex suits shows their camel toe. They also often pilot zords that have very little pink; they're normally white with a pink trim. Kendrix Morgan, the first Pink Galaxy Ranger in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy remains as the only ranger to die on screen in order to protect another ranger."

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Click Here for Complete Story

That makes me happy.

Click HERE for Amy Jo Johnson's Nude Scene in Pursuit of Happiness

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Jailbait for the win!

If you found nude photos online of someone you were close to, would you tell them? Probably not I'm thinking. Lets just say for instance that I found some VERY incriminating nudes online of someone I knew, and by "found" I mean hacked into their photo album, but lets not get into semantics. ANYWAYS, should I just continue to use them for sleep aids and keep them for a rainy day, or should I tell them I ran across them on some other site? Even better should I post them on one of those Ex Girlfriend sites and get her boyfriend in trouble? Decisions decisions. It's days like this I wish I'd kept my old nudes of ex girlfriends instead of deleting them like I said I would.

Justin over at DontLinkThis, and/or "The website formerly known as FUBAR", made a nice little discovery that makes me feel a little guilty, and equally "funny", in my pants. His little dirty discovery kicks off this weeks Links.

Exponential Growths of the Abdomen

Hermione sure is growing up fast

Ain't no virus like a Movie Virus, 'cause a Movie Virus don't stop

Father & Son take 27 years to read some music

HA! You're gonna get AIDS. Look at the picture, you'll find what's wrong

Yep, that's nice. Eva Mendes NSFW

Good News, a Captain America Movie. Bad News, an Ant Man Movie

TechChickBlog Link of the Week

It's a toilet....on a shirt!

Michelle does shitty porn and has a thick accent. NSFW in ANY possible way

Fergie See-Thru NSFW

The new Post Show. Would YOU have sex with my corpse?

A banana proves there is a God. So says Mike Seaver.

Who cares if they look young? They're nude. NSFW

Seriously now. When is this Kurt Cobain movie going to come out?

Who wants an invite to I'm In Like With You?

AXB Enterprises, a Web 2.0 Conglomerate

AXB Enterprises is online and coordinated. I am still updating regularly and learning what I can, but as of now here is the inner workings of the AXB Conglomerate.

AXB Enterprises maintains its hold on the entire community as the Homepage until a domain is purchased. New links to be added shortly for your entertainment.

EnOrgy is on a lull, but will return shortly. Jacobus is back, and as soon as the funding is back we'll get back to the reviews. You know, if we had some sort of corporate sponsorship that would be sweet.

AXB on Myspace continues to be the personal page of Alistair Booya, and you're welcome to read his almost 800 blogs that lead to AXB Enterprises and get a look into his life.

AXB on Flicker has a ton of personal pictures of AXB. Comment, download, repost.

AXb on Twitter has the simple and daily thoughts of AXB. Subscribe for updates.

AXB on Virb is the beginning of a new era of blogging. Still getting our Web Legs on this one.

AXB on Jaiku includes all the RSS/ATOM Feeds you need to keep updated.

AXB on Vox is an aspect still virgin to AXB, but growing exponentially.

AXB on Wordpad I joined for the Tools, I have yet to update for lack of knowledge how to use them.

AXB Enterprises on Technorati has links to all aspects of the conglomerate, as well as rankings.

Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm In Like With You

Gotta love the intraweb. The LOVELY Gabrielle from stumbled upon my last writing and hooked a blogger up with an invite into This doesn't help with my unhealthy obsession. It's a good thing for her I'm not allowed into Canada. As soon as I make up a few more AXB Enterprises shirts I'm going to send her one.

So far I've got a game going, but I don't really like the aspect of only one game at a time. I'll figure it out however. It's going quite swimmingly so far, I've got like 400 points still with 3 bids out, and only 1 bid in.

I've been trying to set up a video blog today, but haven't found a real good reason for it as of yet.

I'm thinking that this blog is about to take a turn into another direction. Still the link dumps, but you'll see. Until then I don't really have anything for you today. Be sure to check out my Twitter page. As I set up my Wordpad I'll get more and more accesibility for all, but until then AXB Enterprises will continue to grow.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Blogger obsessions...Stalking 2.0

After much blogging and soul searching I've decided one thing. It's time for a NEW obsession, and that obsession has been taken by the one and only Gabrielle Atticus from

So after my post about Katie from I never heard anything from her confessing HER undying love for me as well, so I've given up on the bitch.

I'm Lying baby, I still love you, and have for 7 years.

TechChickBlogger is just mesmorizing. I don't quite know if it is JUST because of her looks, or the fact I envy her blog. Either way I have a bit of an unhealthy following of her. She's inspired me to expand AXB onto MANY ventures over the past week or 2.

From Jaiku to Twitter, Wordpad, Prl, Vox, problogger, Flickr, and more. Including these I plan on gaining ground on IILWY and Joost, which I am STILL looking for Invites to. I will give you free stuff. It's a simple invite. I've hounded the message boards and found nothing.

What's Newsline? I shall join.

Either way I hope she runs across this at some point. It's not so much a Sexual obsession, mainly because she's canadian, but it's more of a Intellectual/Professional obsession.

She is what I want to be, but as a female with GREAT breasts. Other than that we're pretty similar. I would love for her to write for AXB Enterprises

Here is the REST of her Flickr

SpiderMan 3 sucks balls. Big hairy Spider Balls.

I went down to the cinema last night and found a way into SpiderMan 3. I am a self confessed comic book geek, and figured it couldn't suck THAT bad, could it? Well it did. Here is my synopsis of the film.

Boy is gay
Girl is ugly and a bitch
Boy gets angry....cries
Lowell from Wings is a second class villain...cries
Boy gets sentimental...cries
Eddie Brock a bitch...cries
Girl is STILL ugly, still a bitch...cries
Boy cries over girl...cries some more
Venom and Sandman just HAPPEN to meet in an alley
Green Goblin sucks...cries
Girl is STILL ugly, STILL a bitch, and now caught...most likely cries
Boy comes to the rescue...cries

$7.50 later? I cry, because even though SpiderMan is a HORRIBLE comic overall, its still a legacy that Sam Raimi just jammed a icepick into and killed. THIS will start the demise of comic book movies for the future. Mark my words.

They had a great opportunity to use Venom. He is by far one of the coolest villains out there, behind Joker of course. They could have just teased him a bit and then teased Carnage. Instead they have some Ludacris(the rapper) origin and then a miserable defeat. No, why would you ever want to do a Maximum Carnage movie? That's just stupid. Fucking movie industry.

I found a snippet, or two, of footage showing them crying. While this is COMPLETELY illegal to just load it here to show you. If any Marvel officials are reading this...can I have a job? If any legal beagles are reading this I'm upholding the law, so eat it. If you perhaps want to talk to me and in NO WAY see the footage how about just emailing me?

Contact Us

Really, save your money and rent the Dolph Lundgren version of The Punisher. You'll feel much better about yourself in the morning.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hi, i'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC

I love Comic Books more than premarital sex. True Story.