Thursday, May 31, 2007

AXB Enterprises gives 2 weeks of leave a year

In the madness of trying to get out of my 1 bedroom cabin in the middle of the largest drug neighborhood in my city and into a slightly larger house in a slightly less drug infested neighborhood I've neglected work.

I haven't posted in almost a week, and while I should say sorry...none of you read this religiously so it doesn't matter. I do have a few items for your viewing today, but not a whole lot. I plan on doing a PodCast tomorrow and figuring out a better upload system.


The Top Twelve Wet T-Shirt Scenes in Cinema

Why Twelve instead of Ten? It's because Wet T-Shirts kick ass. That's why. Thanks JoBlo!

Personally I think it was rigged. Kirsten Dunst should be NOWHERE near the top of the list, and the scene in Girl Next Door wasn't fantastic either. I'm dismayed that Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol wasn't higher. I love that movie.

AXB Enterprises

Also today "Rampage" Jackson has a BIG Dick and Big Balls. 'Nuff Said.

P.S. Jimmy Eat World kicks ass as well.

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