Tuesday, May 8, 2007

AXB Enterprises, a Web 2.0 Conglomerate

AXB Enterprises is online and coordinated. I am still updating regularly and learning what I can, but as of now here is the inner workings of the AXB Conglomerate.

AXB Enterprises maintains its hold on the entire community as the Homepage until a domain is purchased. New links to be added shortly for your entertainment.

EnOrgy is on a lull, but will return shortly. Jacobus is back, and as soon as the funding is back we'll get back to the reviews. You know, if we had some sort of corporate sponsorship that would be sweet.

AXB on Myspace continues to be the personal page of Alistair Booya, and you're welcome to read his almost 800 blogs that lead to AXB Enterprises and get a look into his life.

AXB on Flicker has a ton of personal pictures of AXB. Comment, download, repost.

AXb on Twitter has the simple and daily thoughts of AXB. Subscribe for updates.

AXB on Virb is the beginning of a new era of blogging. Still getting our Web Legs on this one.

AXB on Jaiku includes all the RSS/ATOM Feeds you need to keep updated.

AXB on Vox is an aspect still virgin to AXB, but growing exponentially.

AXB on Wordpad I joined for the Tools, I have yet to update for lack of knowledge how to use them.

AXB Enterprises on Technorati has links to all aspects of the conglomerate, as well as rankings.

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