Saturday, May 5, 2007

Blogger obsessions...Stalking 2.0

After much blogging and soul searching I've decided one thing. It's time for a NEW obsession, and that obsession has been taken by the one and only Gabrielle Atticus from

So after my post about Katie from I never heard anything from her confessing HER undying love for me as well, so I've given up on the bitch.

I'm Lying baby, I still love you, and have for 7 years.

TechChickBlogger is just mesmorizing. I don't quite know if it is JUST because of her looks, or the fact I envy her blog. Either way I have a bit of an unhealthy following of her. She's inspired me to expand AXB onto MANY ventures over the past week or 2.

From Jaiku to Twitter, Wordpad, Prl, Vox, problogger, Flickr, and more. Including these I plan on gaining ground on IILWY and Joost, which I am STILL looking for Invites to. I will give you free stuff. It's a simple invite. I've hounded the message boards and found nothing.

What's Newsline? I shall join.

Either way I hope she runs across this at some point. It's not so much a Sexual obsession, mainly because she's canadian, but it's more of a Intellectual/Professional obsession.

She is what I want to be, but as a female with GREAT breasts. Other than that we're pretty similar. I would love for her to write for AXB Enterprises

Here is the REST of her Flickr

1 comment:

techchickblogger said...

Babe, you sure know how to make a girl smile.

And I commend your choice of me over Katie Holmes: I'm nobody's mother, I have no couch-jumping/freakazoid husband, and I am in no way associated with the WB.

Gimme your email - the least I can do is get you some iilwy playtime.