Wednesday, May 16, 2007

CBS Announces Fall Lineup. Saddens Blogger.

CBS announced what shows will be returning in the Fall today and damn Les Moonves made the announcement that Jericho will no longer be with us.

Granted the Season Finale sucked, but the show itself was really good. We're keeping NCIS and The Unit thankfully, but some of the shows they are bringing in this Fall sound like they REALLY suck.

'A new reality show, "Kid Nation," will take 40 children and set them up in an abandoned New Mexico town. Cameras will follow them as they try to set up their own society without adult supervision."

Who wants to watch a Reality Show about kids? No drinking, no drama, no sex. Nuff Said

""Moonlight," about a vampire in modern society"

I already Tivo this and it's called Bloodties, with the lovely Christina Cox by the way, and we all see how the ratings are going for her.

Also returning;

"Cold Case, Criminal Minds, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, NCIS, Ghost Whisperer, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS, Numb3rs, Rules of Engagement, Shark, 60 Minutes, Survivor, Two and a Half Men, The Unit and Without a Trace."

ABC announced that they will be making a "Comedy" involving the Geico Cavemen. Really, that can only go bad.

Also involved is the, unfortunately, sure to be a hit Greys 2.0 show "Private Practice".

Also planned are a couple Lawyer shows, and a couple bad sitcoms.

Thankfully we've got Traveler over the summer to enjoy, and

Heroes has been added with a 30 Episode Run. It's about time that us Comic Book Geeks have something to watch. This includes 6 hour-long "Heroes Origins" episodes that dig into specific characters.

Kind of excited for "Chuck". A Tech accidentally downloads government documents directly into his brain, which of COURSE leads him into a life of being a Government/Spy/Assassin/More than likely Clumsy Lover

Is anyone else upset that The Black Donnellys was cancelled? I thought the show was done quite well, but then nothing. Sure you can download the remaining episodes off of NBC, but still.

The most anticipated series for me and the most likely to last 3 episodes are "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" featuring queen from 300 and the Gay Kid
friend of Claire's in Heroes.

FOX also seems to have added a bunch of Cop Dramas. One of which is based out of New Orleans, which just begs to suck.

Quite brilliantly they picked up a Kelsey Grammer-Patricia Heaton comedy, which most likely will run for 30 seasons and get progressively more popular and less funny.

The CW will announce their Fall Lineup tomorrow, and if Supernatural and Smallville aren't involved I might cry...just a little bit...on the inside...under a manly beard.

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