Monday, May 21, 2007 Has a Secret Message has surfaced claiming to be the first official picture of The Joker from The Dark Knight. Whether or not its true is a mute point.

AXB Enterprises
The controversy with Heath Ledger as the Joker and the alledged photos of him in makeup have been occupying many a Geeks mind for months. This is not he first picture claiming to be a true representation of The Joker, but this one certainly is the newest.

If you look closely at the page you'll notice a thousand or so "Ha"s written across the page in varying sizes. If you look even closer you'll see;

"See You In DECeMbER"

Written between the words with letters at random intervals.

If you don't believe me just Alt+A the whole page then Replace "Ha" with " " in Word. You'll see.

The Dark Knight hits theaters July 18, 2008.

AXB Enterprises Claims to be the first post this as I have seen NOTHING else regarding.

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