Monday, May 14, 2007


I have an afinity for really bad movies. I own the ENTIRE American Ninja series, and claim #2 as a Top Ten movie of mine. I enjoy Bring it On Again MUCH more than Bring it On. I own American Psycho 2, Starship Troopers 2, and Weekend at Bernies 2, but NOT the originals. I love it. That's why I loved running across this little Gem of a Montage put together by Schulte Fiaja.

I had the "privilage" to host a Karaoke contest last night at the local casino/karaoke bar. Now here are some ground rules for Karaoke if you in fact do love the "Forbidden Sport" as I will call it.

1. NEVER do Johnny Cash. Yes he sings slow, but that doesn't mean you can pull it off.

2. Pick a song you can sing, not one that you like listening to.

3. Never ask the judges how you did. They'll just lie to you. If you have to ask, then you didn't do very good.

4. One drink to loosen up=Good. 10 drinks before singing=Bad

5. Don't tell people you think you do really good on a song. Chances are you do NOT!

Those are just some simple things I needed to point out. I'm sure I will go back and judge some more of these things as they go on. It's just inevitable. They give me free dinner, and free drinks if I still drank, which really isn't that good there. Irony...

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