Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday musings

I just checked my box here at work and found my ESPN VIP passes to the Olympus Rally today, so I'm just a couple hours away from hanging out with Travis Pastrana. Pretty sweet. Love my job.

Love THIS job just as much though. My side career of Professional Blogger is going QUITE swimmingly. Despite possible setbacks I am very close to deciding on the aspect and extent of my Laptop to be ordered for convenience of Blogging.

I've spent the last few hours on I'm In like With You and just found a few new Invites I received. I've got 6 available if anyone is interested. Just leave a comment with an email address or Contact Us from the tabs on the right.

----->Over there. No, a bit farther down----->

First come first serve. Top bidder on my newest game gets AXB Enterprises Merch.

I planned on posting some Links today but the Intraweb is dead. Nothing to report. Be sure to download my first of many Podcasts below to keep updated on AXB Enterprises.


Elsa Randall said...

Hello Xavier. Now how come you have 6 IILWY invites while I have none? I'm not sure if you're still giving them away, but I'd like one. I feel left out, like the new kid in school.

Alistair Xavier Booya said...

You know Elsa I'd send one right over, but that email doesn't exist allegedly.