Saturday, May 12, 2007

UseMyComputer is right...there really ISN'T enough Rachel Perry anymore

You may have noticed I tend to get attached to women I don't know. From Katie of Katie's World(NSFW), to Christina Cox, and most recently the lovely TechChickBlogger. All of these women really don't have anything in common, and my attraction is different for all. From absolute infatuation, to utmost respect and attraction, to overly sexual professional Admiration(in that order) they all have something that I want and need. Now, these aren't the only girls in my life mind you. Katie and Christina have both been loves of mine for going on 10 years, and my Stalker-like obsession of others comes and goes. One girl that has ALWAYS intrigued me has been Rachel Perry.

She's an Industry professional in my OTHER career, and really she's just smoking hot. I'm not going to hold it against her for being Canadian...actually now that I think about it I've mentioned 3 Canadians I'm attracted to in one blog. Weird. Anyways, from watching her on MuchMusic to VH1 she's just adorable. Once in awhile you hear rumblings about her, but I have kept tabs on her over the years. As I do. Call it Stalking 2.0, call it OCD, but who are YOU to judge?

Here's Rachel Perry courtesy of the folks at in Hi-Def glory.

For more pictures ofRachel Perry check out .Don't click on any pictures or anything though, it's just a backdoor ad to XX-Passes.

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techchickblogger said...

She's cute - yes, totally. But tell me what's up with the bird tattoos?? You GOTTA like my Gabriel better? Or did Rachel avoid the tramp stamp that nabbed me...? *shakes fist*