Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Crow: Just a Peckin'

I'm pretty certain that if the Devil ever made a Buddy Cop film that Chris Farley would play the Crow and Steve Guttenberg would play the Devil, for he IS the Devil.

In other news a Robin hit the window at the station this morning and instantly snapped his neck. I didn't pick him up, because I didn't care that much. As I go out for my first smoke of the day I see a Crow;

...pulling him into the parking lot and devouring his carcass. As I work through a Marlboro 27 I then see a pack of 3 OTHER Crows;

Artists Rendition

...attack the first crow and then devour HIS still breathing carcass as some sort of Ethnic Cleansing. Then they proceed to eat the Robin as well.

It was not only a surreal moment seeing the destruction of something both hideous and beautiful, but it was intriguing.

Speaking of Robin's I'D like to eat.

AXB Enterprises

Robin comes to us courtesy of Idontlikeyouinthatway

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