Saturday, June 30, 2007

For future reference; Nudity is a plus

If you EVER get the chance to take nude photos of your significant other, do it without question. Then save them no matter what they say. This comes in handy 2 ways.

1. If in the need of a late night treat, you've got it.

2. If in the need of Blackmail, you've got that as well.

I personally have taken as MANY as possible and have convinced girls I'm NOT dating to send me photos as well over the years, and 90% of them I have saved in one facade or another. This comes in handy on occasion. If anyone you ever date some day becomes famous you might just need a couple million dollars for them.

This brings me to my point. I have more than a few friends in the Entertainment Industry, and one of them is in possesion of some VERY sought after pictures of a VERY famous singer. These are personal pictures that would not only break up relationships, but also set back careers. Did I look at them? Of course. Do I have possesion of them at the moment? No.

I URGE any celebrities to continue to take camera phone nudes of themselves, as well as just the general public. If you did not then we wouldn't get such gems as;


Plus, let's not forget Shymali Malakar

Not to mention THOUSANDS of Photobucket and Flickr teens. Love me some amateur nudity. Thank you Internet

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