Monday, June 4, 2007

Got to Get Tough?

In a move that I have been waiting for almost my entire life, Hasbro is getting down to business and putting together the steps to start production of a G.I.Joe live action film. This could be huge my young friend, huge I say. Word has been that it all depends on the success of Transformers, much akin to both franchise's animated films. One translates into the other. Early reports had Mark Wahlberg penned as Duke, which is a brilliant move. I can see a lot of opportunities for casting. All of course depending on Transformers.

"In one of William Morris' initial moves with regard to the new relationship, it re-upped Hasbro's deal with Paramount Pictures to turn "G.I. Joe" into a live-action feature with Lorenzo di Bonaventura to produce. An initial pact had expired."

"Hasbro sees itself as another potential Marvel -- a company with a stable of brands that could easily translate into entertainment properties that could help its bottom line."

See the FULL Story here at Variety

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In other news, let me tell you about IILWY. So far I've had mixed feelings about it. Sure as far as things go the level of attractiveness and trendiness is at a Peak level, but hte community is still quite small. Charles at the IILWY support team has been taking feedback from me and responding quite quickly. That is a good thing, being as it is Beta and all. So far it's going good though. They keep me streaming with Invites if you're interested. Of course I think it's a prerequisite to contribute to at LEAST 5 blogs and have at least one Kurt Vonnegut or Chuck Palahniuk book in your messenger bag.

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