Friday, June 8, 2007

What's the deal Playboy?

Playboy used to kick ass. Maybe it was my age, and maybe it was my mentality, but I think not. They used to do Celebrity Spreads that were worth a damn. Topical AND erotic. From the Real World girls, Drew Barrymore, Darva Conger, Lisa Rinna, and even Jaime Pressley. They used to have spreads from people that already had a large following and did the spreads justice. The first notice I had that they'd fallen was the Denise Richards spread some years ago. It was just boring. I'd seen her nude in Wild Things and knew what to expect, and then just horribly let down. Now they struggle to find talent as they fall lower and lower down the prestige ladder. It used to MEAN something to be in Playboy, now not so much.

This latest issue features swimmer Amanda Beard. I'm not insinuating that she isn't attractive in the least bit, but it just seems like a desperate attempt and disappointing spread.

AXB Enterprises

Why would I want a spread featuring 75%-90% side boob? This is what it's come to. They need to focus their attention on getting actual stars to pose and boost their sales. Think of the Sable sales? Maybe even go back a few years to someone maybe NOT in the current limelight, but has not done nude. What's Lori Petty doing these days? Traylor Howard? Patricia Richardson? Tea Leoni? I'd even go for someone like Stefani from the Assistant or Brynn from The Real World Las Vegas(Reunion!). Just give me something palpable.

Go here for the rest of the Amanda Beard courtesy of WithLeather

So Says AXB

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