Monday, June 11, 2007

YAY! Movies are going to stop sucking

Few things other than movies get me excited. Comic Books and Full Frontal Nudity are also some of my vices. Movies definitely are high up on my radar though. There are a few such movies coming out in this next year that REALLY have me excited.

The first of such movies is the return of Will Smith in action. The concept of the December release I Am Legend is that everyone but Smith are turned into zombies. Pretty much that's all you need to know to get you excited.

The second film that's got me in goosebumps is 30 Days of Night. Based on the Graphic Novel of the same name written by the genius Steve Niles, it's sure to please. Josh Harnett could NOT be a bigger choad, but the movie promises to deliver. Set in Alaska where there is, coincidentally, 30 days of night. What better place for some Vampires to hang out?

the third such visionary niblet is not a film, but a tv series that's sure to be cancelled just as it gets good. It is The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Set somewhere between T2 and T3. Sarah is going to be played by the ever delicious Lena Headey(NSFW Link) and features the Gay Kid Friend of Claire's from Heroes as John Connor.

I can only assume after watching these that all of you are equally as moist as I am.

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