Saturday, July 7, 2007

Cloverfield; "You're like my main dude"

Like every self respecting geek I went to see Transformers the night of the release. I knew all of the important elements, from Peter Cullen being Optimus to the alleged Strokes shirt being present throughout. What I did NOT expect was the inclusion of the trailer for "Cloverfield". What this movie is ACTUALLY entitled is not known in the Blogosphere. What IS known is slim to none.

The film is from J.J. Abrams, the creator of Alias and Lost.

SOMETHING happens on 1-18-08. It's rumored to be the release, but for a film that is YET to start production, 6 months is just too soon to be released. Thought being that it will be a trailer released at that point.

Rob is/WAS going to Japan.

Pictures on keep getting added, and presumably will continue in this fashion.

AXB Enterprises is most likely a fake, but I'll be watching the countdown either way.

"The Parasite",as the monster in the trailer is being called in the trailer, seemingly emits fiery projectiles and has a height/reach of 150' as shown by the head of the Statue of Liberty being thrown.

The film is set to be shown from the view of a group of friends with Handi-Cams.

A character named Ethan Haas predicted the destruction caused by the monster. Shown by,, and subsequently

Lost is premiered just a couple weeks after 1-18-08, and while the sound made in the trailer COULD be Godzilla, it just as easily could be the smoke monster.

Abrams has talked about doing HP Lovecraft. Perhaps Cthulu?

What we know it MOST LIKELY isn't;

Godzilla. There is already a 3D Godzilla in the works, and after the blasphemy that was P Diddy in the earlier incarnation I just don't see it.

Voltron. While this seems possible, why would they license a competing transforming robot film before another. Even IF J.J.Abrams was doing it in secret to fans, he wouldn't be able to hide it from studios.

After a series of Viral campaigns, which are the new standard, have been set in motion. The Dark Knight has used 42 Entertainment to convey their Buzz. gave us the face of the Joker which AXB Enterprises discovered first and claimed. Transformers had their ill received Sector 7 website. This is an ingenious way to not only intrigue, but involve bloggers. Naturally everyone will be following the information up until release. The only hope is that there isn't some other Viral campaign that surpasses the mystery of Cloverfield.

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Anonymous said...

Check out

Alistair Xavier Booya said...

I already linked that IN THE STORY Anonymous, but thanks for joining us.

Anonymous said...

when does it say the name prasite in the trailer?

Alistair Xavier Booya said...

It doesn't. Sources within the trailer and in Pre-Production have dubbed it "The Parasite".

All circumstantial, and we should know more after the weekend numbers and within the next week.