Monday, July 30, 2007

Red Band...not a gum, and not as Juicy

Cloverfield(The Collossus) has blown up more than we can accomodate. Thankfully there are sites such as Cloverfield Clues who keep updating as more information as soon as it comes in. We will continue to follow this movie and update you as we learn more, but for the meantime we will move onto other subjects and follow as fans.

The Dark Knight is not heating up by any means, but there IS a new Viral. has popped up, and the FIRST Teaser Trailer has hit the Intraweb.

Resident Evil:Extinction RED BAND Trailer. Ultra violent and some nudity. Also some scenes from the original movies spliced in.

I don't understand Red Band Trailers. They're SUPPOSED to have all of this Adult Content, but so far all I see is audio without convenient muting.

Here is the Red Band for Wrong Turn 2. More mindless violence to cover up for a weak script, and STILL no nudity.

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