Thursday, July 5, 2007

Top Ten Geek Movie Adaptations that do NOT Disappoint

After a TRULY disappointing display of potential within this summer so far in film, the only escape is the power of DVD. The Spiderman franchise continues to disappoint, and Transformers is FAR less than stellar. In lieu of this I have created a list of the Top Ten Geek Movie Adaptations that do NOT Disappoint.

10. The James Bond Franchise

Ian Fleming created a hero for every nation in Britain's top agent. While there have been slips in the cogs, namely On Her Majesty's Secret Service, overall the legend has continued as it should be.

9. Catch Me If You Can

An underrated and under watched book-to-film based on the life of Frank Abegnale Jr as he struggles to find identities to hide behind while he searches for himself. A pleasure to watch if not for the Cut Scenes alone.

8. X-Men

Adapting a comic book has many pitfalls to overcome. The fanboys need their greatest hopes and dreams satiated while the unknowing public needs to have a film they can relate to. The inward struggle of us all to belong in the world put into the perspective of DNA adaptation gives us this mesh of ideals.

7. Lord of the Rings: Two Towers

While the entire LOTR franchise was visually stunning, the only film of the 3 to fully appeal at not only the dialogue junkies and the action whore in all of us.

6. Batman

Sure Returns was a travesty and Begins has become a standard, but it was Keaton and Nicholson that brought the legend to the screen and pulled off a miracle. Following the camp classics of Adam West with a disturbed and sadistic Joker rather than a playful prankster, and creating the stoic example of what Bruce Wayne SHOULD be. The original holds up to this day.

5. Sin City

A book so visually stunning that it seemed impossible to bring to life, yet the pages come to life on screen in a detail that still gives me goosebumps. The portrayal of Marv by Mickey Rourke was spot on, and the scene with Jackie Boy's face in the toilet gave me a Geek-Rection.

4. Office Space

Taken from an barely remembered cartoon featured on Saturday Night Live to the epic comedy it is today. "Milton" turned "Office Space" made comedies whole once again. A standard in EVERY DVD shelf.

3. The Matrix

Such an amazing experience that should have been limited to the single film. Changing the way geek films are made forever, and making Keanu Reeves someone OTHER than Johnny Utah in the minds of millions.

2. V for Vendetta

Yes it was based on an Alan Moore graphic, yet most watching had no idea. This film in all aspects is just amazing. From the message to the imagery it's Top Notch film making by the Wachowski brothers.

1. Fight Club

An easy choice as the best Geek Film that Does Not Disappoint. Chuck Palahniuk is the Vonnegut of Generation Y for words than make you FEEL Jack's Colon and feel as if you too are part of Project Mayhem. The book changed the way books written for a younger generation should be. Adapted for film with cinematic licence yet approved of by Chucky P who was quoted as saying he PREFERRED David Fincher's ending over his own. Homoerotic or not, this HAS to be in your DVD collection.

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Anonymous said...

Nice list, but Palahniuk a Gen-Y writer? You have got to be shitting me.

He was born in 62, which puts him at the very beginning of the Gen-X cycle which ran from 61-81.

Alistair Xavier Booya said...

A writer FOR Gen Y.

Think before you type Anonymous.