Monday, July 9, 2007

Inescapable Cloverfield Update

I saw this possibility the first time I saw, but did nothing about it. Now I actually did the checking and it is remarkable. If you notice the picture of the 2 faces and line them up, they SEEM to be the same person. Either that or remarkable twins, even down to the mouth lines.

AXB Enterprises

What this means? Nothing probably, but it's still worthwhile to mention. Looking at the OTHER photo finds nothing of note. I've zoomed in and the only things I find are Rob holding hands with a guy, and the menacing S and face off to the right.

AXB Enterprises

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julie said...

is the guy shoving the drink down his throat the same guy who says to go to the roof and at the end of the trailer it looks like he is pushing people away from danger by jumping a remarkable jump?

Scott said...