Friday, August 31, 2007

Now I know...and KNOWING is 1/100th of the battle

One step closer to a Live Action G.I.Joe movie. With rumors abound regarding Mark Wahlberg as Duke, and with the new addition of Stephen Sommers as director, we NOW have Stuart Beattie signed on as writer. Beattie formerly was involved in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3, Collateral, and the upcoming 30 Days of Night.

Frank Cho has the right idea

The cover of the newest Ultimate Spiderman ALMOST was great...

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...then the censors had to step in.

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Thanks to Comic Book Resources for image links.

Black Mask in The Dark Knight???

Comic Book Resources provides information regarding a death in The Dark Knight. This means nothing to you, but to me this means an opportunity to include Black Mask.


A "Dark Knight Returns" spoiler from a Gutterati working across the road from filming. He described, "a funeral scene being filmed. Tons of white flowers, and all sorts of people dressed to the nines. And, low and behold, on top of the coffin is a large framed picture of...."

Spoiler after Jump about 3/4 of the way down the page.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pixie Acia....possibly a Succubus

After watching LA Ink for the last few weeks I've come to a conclusion. While this show itself is mediocre, I will continue to watch. I do enjoy the format, but I can only take so many cancer stories. The reason I will continue to watch is Pixie the Shop Manager.

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Pixie Acia is "Kat Von D's good friend" who was added to the show recently as a regular. She's absolutely stunning as you can see from her photos, and I do believe I am in love with her. In a sexual way...i.e. I want to be inside of her.

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LA Ink is the spin-off of Miami Ink in which Kat Von D was featured. Pretty much teh same exact show, but with more cleavage and Side Boob. Nuff said.

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Researching her I have found she's 26 and married, but that's never stopped me before. She does NOT tattoo, but instead she is a makeup artist by trade. Her webpage is Under Construction, and we can only assume it will be until the show wraps. Stefani from The've been replaced.

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With actually unique piercings she sets herself above the crowd. Her permanent dimples allude to innocence, while her split tongue exudes sexuality.

Thanks to Reality Ink for image usage.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sweaty Manly Athletes...and those are the women

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NBC has FINALLY announced that American Gladiators will return to the small screen. The announcement was made that it could be resurrected as soon as Mid Season.

If the people over at NBC were smart they'd look at shows such as Takeshi's Castle(MXC) and Ninja Warrior for inspiration, yet not make the show comedic. HOw to do this, I don't know. That's why I'm not over at NBC.

Wanna be a Gladiator? Apply Here.

For those of you out there who read my site you know I rarely waste an opportunity to post links to nudity. Gladiators Zap and Lace, as you know, posed in Playboy. You'd THINK that they would be fairly easy pictures to aquire...not so much. Instead, here's a picture of Rebecca Cardon of Bravo's Work Out.

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And now a look back on the biggest Ass Clown to ever grace the American Gladiator stage...Malibu.

Banner "Borrowed" from Gladiator Zone

I miss "Missing Rob"

SubZero15 over at Project Cloverfield wrote a VERY insigtful article about how after the huge push to find information on Cloverfield after the trailer was released, really now nothing is being found or accomplished.

"In the beginning, there were updates on a consistent basis, which in turn made it possible for sites such as this one to grow in popularity. Waking up, getting on the computer, and going to all the Cloverfield blog sites has become a routine of mine. It has come to the point that stopping this routine would be equivalent to blasphemy. I have spent hours and hours researching, posting, theorizing about this movie along with thousands of others."

We at AXB Enterprises feel your pain. Cloverfield gave me more attention that I know what to do with, but now...nothing. All I have left to do is find a "Monsterous" poster on Ebay for my wall. Anybody willing to sell?

Full Article Here

Saturday, August 25, 2007

NSFW Violent had me from Hello

If there is ONE thing I love more than clowns, it's nudity. Rarely can you find something that mixes both, but THANK You Model Mayhem.

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These are MY kind of readers

I've gotten more than a few Hate Mail's regarding my inability to keep updated. Let me tell you this; If there isn't anything to report, there will be no blogs. Simple as that. If there isn't anything that draws my interest I will not tell you. Now with Cloverfield at a standstill and The Dark Knight losing ground, it's just slow. This is all I got. Found this picture on UseMyComputer and realize that THESE are the people I'm writing to.

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In other news, for new TechChickBlogger content I've had to resort to reading TheBachelorGuy. While it is well received and praised throughout the Intraweb, I'm not feeling it. Sorry guys.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


So why is it that after such hype and excitement I am suddenly getting upset about The Dark Knight. I just wanted to get a movie that was better than Batman Begins. I didn't care for it, but that's just my opinion. Now they take the most iconic character from my youth and bastardize him. It's sad really.

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Side note. As dissapointed as I am, I DO like how thin Heath Ledger looks. The Joker is very thin in my mind. I'd like to see Arkham and some inmates this film...if possible.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Joker becomes even MORE Ass-Tastic

When I first heard of Heath Ledger becoming The Joker, I was sceptical. Like Halle Berry playing Harleen Quinzel. I went with it though as more and more set photos and reviews came in. They say he looks great, that they're updating the whole premise. Then came about, and I got a Geek-Rection. It looked awesome. Dark, devious, and just sick enough to work. The footage was revealed, and I STILL was holding onto a glimmer of hope that he wouldn't ruin the image of the greatest villian of all time, sans Moriarity.

Then THIS;

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I want to believe that it's a joke. The hairline? The hair in general? I am just not feeling it. I want "Death in the Family" and I get The Batman: Animated? Why Christopher Nolan? Why?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Superhero Gay Love....nuff said

There really is nothing better than superheroes having sex with each other. Especially fat, gay, male an alley.

"Justice League, Assemble!! The crime syndicate is upon us!"

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Superman quivered as he spoke, "Robin, your Boy Wonder lips are amazing."

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"You guys hear a camera? No, I'm sure it's nothing. Continue homosexual behavior."

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Pictures credited to TegyAuto at the Club RSX Forums

Click Here for one more picture, believe me it's worth it

Excelsior Bitches

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Peter Petrelli wants Dick

According to Milo Ventimiglia wants to star in Christopher Nolan's NEXT Batman movie as Robin, the Gay Boy Wonder.

"...the 30-year-old actor could barely contain his excitement for co-star Zachary Quinto’s recent appointment as Mr. Spock in next year’s “Star Trek” movie. Remembering an early conversation they once had on the “Heroes” set, Ventimiglia marveled at the fact that Quinto said his dream role would be to play Spock - a part he landed just a few months later.

Naturally, the talk then turned to the role Ventimiglia had chosen as his dream gig. His answer? “Robin,” he grinned..."

"When reminded that Dick Grayson typically signals the downfall of a Batman franchise, Ventimiglia insisted that current Dark Knight mastermind Christopher Nolan could bring enough of an edge to the character to make him worthwhile."

“They’ve never done it right,” he added, explaining why Robin has always seemed so dorky in the past. Asked how he’d change the Robin story, Ventimiglia offered up a single word that speaks chapters to comic fans: “Nightwing.”

Honestly I'd take it. I'd love to involve Dick Grayson and then eventually Jason Todd. Personally I want this JUST for the "Death in the Family" storyline.

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Heath Ledger with a crowbar? MAYBE a "Hush" storyline a few years down the road?

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Kurt Russell in; Snake Plissken: Escape From Clothing

Kurt Russell decided to show the world he was packing, and not JUST a few extra pounds. What better way to get into the limelight then to show the world your package? That's what I say.

Just click the image for some very NSFW and possibly scarring imagery

OMG Blog deserves thanks for hosting the FULL image

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Interesting Question From a Fanboy

After a weekend out-of-state full of debauchery I needed to get back to the base of things.

Couple things. Is there or Is There NOT a new trailer before Stardust? I realize this would require someone to watch the film, but unsubstantiated rumors state there may be one.

Secondly, a fanboy raised a VERY compelling question. On they have the pictures of the incident. Then, on the back there are writings. wildboy6 on the IMDB boards says this.

"If you look at the date on all of the pictures on the 1-18-08 website they are all in the same time area, then when you flip them over you have the writing on them. How would the person be able to write on them if they were all taken at the same time. Maybe this means that there were some survivors or that they were using a polariod camera?"


Now I guess the Polaroid angle could work, but still. Why would, after a night of terror and destruction, someone take the time to mention the Hotness;

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that is themselves;

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while still showing pictures of MC Skat Kat?

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Just a thought...

Why has no-one figured out who these breasts belong to?

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