Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I miss "Missing Rob"

SubZero15 over at Project Cloverfield wrote a VERY insigtful article about how after the huge push to find information on Cloverfield after the trailer was released, really now nothing is being found or accomplished.

"In the beginning, there were updates on a consistent basis, which in turn made it possible for sites such as this one to grow in popularity. Waking up, getting on the computer, and going to all the Cloverfield blog sites has become a routine of mine. It has come to the point that stopping this routine would be equivalent to blasphemy. I have spent hours and hours researching, posting, theorizing about this movie along with thousands of others."

We at AXB Enterprises feel your pain. Cloverfield gave me more attention that I know what to do with, but now...nothing. All I have left to do is find a "Monsterous" poster on Ebay for my wall. Anybody willing to sell?

Full Article Here

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