Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Interesting Question From a Fanboy

After a weekend out-of-state full of debauchery I needed to get back to the base of things.

Couple things. Is there or Is There NOT a new trailer before Stardust? I realize this would require someone to watch the film, but unsubstantiated rumors state there may be one.

Secondly, a fanboy raised a VERY compelling question. On 1-18-08.com they have the pictures of the incident. Then, on the back there are writings. wildboy6 on the IMDB boards says this.

"If you look at the date on all of the pictures on the 1-18-08 website they are all in the same time area, then when you flip them over you have the writing on them. How would the person be able to write on them if they were all taken at the same time. Maybe this means that there were some survivors or that they were using a polariod camera?"


Now I guess the Polaroid angle could work, but still. Why would, after a night of terror and destruction, someone take the time to mention the Hotness;

AXB Enterprises

that is themselves;

AXB Enterprises

while still showing pictures of MC Skat Kat?

AXB Enterprises

Just a thought...

Why has no-one figured out who these breasts belong to?

AXB Enterprises

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