Friday, August 17, 2007

Joker becomes even MORE Ass-Tastic

When I first heard of Heath Ledger becoming The Joker, I was sceptical. Like Halle Berry playing Harleen Quinzel. I went with it though as more and more set photos and reviews came in. They say he looks great, that they're updating the whole premise. Then came about, and I got a Geek-Rection. It looked awesome. Dark, devious, and just sick enough to work. The footage was revealed, and I STILL was holding onto a glimmer of hope that he wouldn't ruin the image of the greatest villian of all time, sans Moriarity.

Then THIS;

AXB Enterprises

I want to believe that it's a joke. The hairline? The hair in general? I am just not feeling it. I want "Death in the Family" and I get The Batman: Animated? Why Christopher Nolan? Why?

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