Thursday, August 9, 2007

Peter Petrelli wants Dick

According to Milo Ventimiglia wants to star in Christopher Nolan's NEXT Batman movie as Robin, the Gay Boy Wonder.

"...the 30-year-old actor could barely contain his excitement for co-star Zachary Quinto’s recent appointment as Mr. Spock in next year’s “Star Trek” movie. Remembering an early conversation they once had on the “Heroes” set, Ventimiglia marveled at the fact that Quinto said his dream role would be to play Spock - a part he landed just a few months later.

Naturally, the talk then turned to the role Ventimiglia had chosen as his dream gig. His answer? “Robin,” he grinned..."

"When reminded that Dick Grayson typically signals the downfall of a Batman franchise, Ventimiglia insisted that current Dark Knight mastermind Christopher Nolan could bring enough of an edge to the character to make him worthwhile."

“They’ve never done it right,” he added, explaining why Robin has always seemed so dorky in the past. Asked how he’d change the Robin story, Ventimiglia offered up a single word that speaks chapters to comic fans: “Nightwing.”

Honestly I'd take it. I'd love to involve Dick Grayson and then eventually Jason Todd. Personally I want this JUST for the "Death in the Family" storyline.

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Heath Ledger with a crowbar? MAYBE a "Hush" storyline a few years down the road?

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