Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pixie Acia....possibly a Succubus

After watching LA Ink for the last few weeks I've come to a conclusion. While this show itself is mediocre, I will continue to watch. I do enjoy the format, but I can only take so many cancer stories. The reason I will continue to watch is Pixie the Shop Manager.

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Pixie Acia is "Kat Von D's good friend" who was added to the show recently as a regular. She's absolutely stunning as you can see from her photos, and I do believe I am in love with her. In a sexual way...i.e. I want to be inside of her.

AXB Enterprises

LA Ink is the spin-off of Miami Ink in which Kat Von D was featured. Pretty much teh same exact show, but with more cleavage and Side Boob. Nuff said.

AXB Enterprises

Researching her I have found she's 26 and married, but that's never stopped me before. She does NOT tattoo, but instead she is a makeup artist by trade. Her webpage is Under Construction, and we can only assume it will be until the show wraps. Stefani from The've been replaced.

AXB Enterprises

With actually unique piercings she sets herself above the crowd. Her permanent dimples allude to innocence, while her split tongue exudes sexuality.

Thanks to Reality Ink for image usage.

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Cheyenna said...

I'm in love with her too. And only ONE of those photos even does her justice.