Sunday, September 9, 2007


Day late and a dollar short, but AXB Enterprises just couldn't put into words the outrage that we are feeling about the Re-Vamping of G.I. Joe for the Live action film. It has been decided, according to sources, that it will no longer be a "Real American Hero", and will now be a consortium of International Troops. Like a secret UN, I guess. G.I. Joe will NOW not stand for "Government Issued Joe" and will now be called "Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity". Yeah. How gay is that? Not gay as in the slang term used by kids these days, but I mean the HARDCORE Rest Stop/Ball Gag Gay crowd. You know who you are.

I think THIS is the moment when the terrorists have won.

We can only assume that it will STILL be lead by Duke, STILL be a mixed group, and STILL be based in the US, and STILL be fighting the Evil Organization known as Cobra, but those are only hopes. Sure, the Oktober Guard were cool and all, but after the clown got killed nobody cared. If you want to catch up on good ole G.I.Joe revamped the correct way, check out the Brandon Jerwa written trade from Devil's Due called Rise of the Red Shadows. I never did like Lady Jaye, I was a Jinx fan, and Baroness of course.

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