Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Official" 2nd Cloverfield Trailer

Allegedly shown before Resident Evil 3 in the UK. Here is the new trailer.

Conveniently showing 2 of the previously deemed important shots from AXB Enterprises. Albiet, in low res and quality.

"2004 Ace"
AXB Enterprises

"ABZ 3293"
AXB Enterprises

As SOON as there is a High Def version I will transfer any and all new pertinent frames.

UPDATE: As assumed, this trailer is fake. I have reliable sources on the IMDB Boards that say it combines Cloverfield Footage with I Am Legend Footage and music from 28 Weeks Later. Alledgedly.


Anton said...

eh, the music is from 28 days later, the video is from the first cloverfield trailer and "I am legend" with will smith.

Drawer2000 said...

Fake as fake can be. Check out the "I am legend" trailer and you'll see where they got the material.