Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rambo to Hell and Back

"John Rambo" has been renamed. Multiple sources are reporting that the next film in the Rambo saga will now be called "Rambo to Hell and Back".

Reasoning behind this is not hard to decipher, "John Rambo" sounds stupid, and a simple carbon copy of "Rocky Balboa". Sure the new thing is to not include episodic numbers or character names (See also, "The Dark Knight" and "Man of Steel") but it was getting ridiculous.

Premise for this film, if you've been perfectly warm under your rock, is that Rambo moved to Burma, or Thailand, or Myanmar(they all look the same to me), and has been living a simple life. Just miles away is the longest running Civil War in the world runs rampant. He is completely happy living like a hermit, but then some frickin hippies show up and try to change the world. They subsequently get caught by rebels and Rambo has to rescue them.

Fucking Hippies.

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