Friday, November 30, 2007

Document LC 6551

AXB Enterprises JUST recieved a call from an Anonymous number regarding a possible Dark Knight viral. Thankfully we were near a microphone and were able to catch the final 26 seconds of the message. As soon as someone has the full copy let me know.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Watchmen Set Pictures courtesy of Zack Snyder

While AXB Enterprises has avoided getting too into the Watchmen film, it's hard to NOT notice the incredible set design Zack Snyder has provided for it. Created all on some back lot, it looks remarkably like the comics.

Watchmen at AXB Enterprises

Here, we even get a glimpse at Rorshach!

Watchmen at AXB Enterprises

If you remember, the last time we saw him was in the 300 trailer for JUST a split second.

300 at AXB Enterprises

See more pictures at The Backlot

Empire Whore

Getting closer kids....

AXB Enterprises

Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Joker Image

One more view of The Joker from Empire Online.

AXB Enterprises came online Friday, with an informational 1st issue. Mostly dealing with police corruption and Harvey Dent. Amongst the issue were various OTHER websites, including with a bastardized version of "The Gotham Times". Empire Online features the next image of the Joker slowly materializing. This is from Empire Online.

The HaHaHa Times

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cloverfield Monster in clear view

Complex-Mind at the IMDB Forums posted this, a VERY clear gif of the Cloverfield Monster. Amazingly clear that is

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Girls be Creamin...he's Beaming Beaman

Beaming Beaman posted backstage shots of the Heroes episode "Cautionary Tales" featuring various cast members holding Slusho. Courtesy of JJ Abrams we can only assume. I picked out the best, both for my Geekdom, and your Fandom.

Veronica Mars and Slusho

AXB Enterprises

Hiro the Hero and George Takei and Slusho

AXB Enterprises

The Cheerleader and Slusho

AXB Enterprises

Sark and Slusho

AXB Enterprises

Credit to Beaming Beaman. Images from Beaming Beaman.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cobra has a Baroness

Variety is reporting that THIS is the Baroness.

"Sienna Miller...will play the film's female lead, described as a raven-haired baroness and sexy femme fatale skilled in espionage.

Stephen Sommers directs the live-action film based on the Hasbro toys, comicbook and TV series.

Paramount, which has set a mid-February start date, has slotted the film for an Aug. 7, 2009, release.

Story is set at Brussels-based GIJOE, an acronym for the Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity, and revolves around an international co-ed force of operatives who use high-tech equipment to battle Cobra, an evil org headed by a Scottish arms dealer.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura ("Transformers") is producing alongside Hasbro's Brian Goldner."

AXB Enterprises....NOT Impressed

It feels like July 3rd again!

Cloverfield had all but dried up. No more Page Sources to scour. No more maps of locations or random websites to debunk. It had been slow. Then, after months of waiting, a new trailer surfaces. AXB Enterprises has once again gone frame by frame getting you what you need to know.

OUR Mystery Trooper. Conclusive towards my theory of the film being based AFTER the Fact as a documentary.

AXB Enterprises

Destruction, from an upward view. Not the Helicopter and feel free to over analyze shadows of monsters.

AXB Enterprises

More destruction. This time with survivors...who are LOST...dun dun duh.

AXB Enterprises

SO, is the city evacuated? Why are these 30-Somethings running around with nobody else in site?

AXB Enterprises

The Carriage Without a Driver. Could mean that people were disappearing Langoliers style, or more likely that his stable was destroyed and now has nothing else to do but walk around looking like a prop out of Scooby Doo.

AXB Enterprises

Here is an image of the "Monster". Is it smoke, or something else? There is a pretty defined ARM-Like shape in the lower half of the image.

AXB Enterprises

Another picture of the "Monster". Couple frames later, best shots I could find.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This image appeared for a SINGLE Frame late in the trailer. What does it mean?

AXB Enterprises

Just because it was a good shot.

AXB Enterprises

Other websites have used shots from this segment, but not this particular frame.

AXB Enterprises

No frames show anything conclusive from the Convenience Store scene of destruction, so look at this and find clues in the scene.

AXB Enterprises

Because we're perverts, check out the cleavage on THIS one!

AXB Enterprises

Also, who knew that Ms. Liberty was packin? Even headless I'd hit it twice.

AXB Enterprises

Friday, November 16, 2007

Cloverfield Trailer before Beowulf

AXB Enterprises confirmed it first. CHUD I GUESS had the first glimpse though.

The NEW Cloverfield Trailer is placed before Beowulf.

AXB Enterprises

And it's called Cloverfield "Officially".

AXB Enterprises

Saturday, November 10, 2007

AXB Enterprises is venturing out

AXB Enterprises as a whole covers a wide array of media. From this simple site, to record labels, newspapers, radio, and film. Now to add to our stake we have taken on our first modeling client.

Always Sunny - a Product of AXB Enterprises

Our first model, Sunny, came to us asking if we would be willing to give her the stardom she yearns for. She had seen our products before and knew we only brought quality.

In the coming weeks we will be updating with weekly pictures and soon a complete portfolio to be spread across the Industry.

Always Sunny is a Product of AXB Enterprises

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Got to Get Tough....Yo Joe

Hasbro has spoken out about the Outrage and Disgust generating in message boards and blogs toward the new alledeged "G.I.J.O.E." movie, and the changes being made to such an iconic storyline. Here is what they had to say, abbreviated for content.

"First and foremost, we are not changing what the G.I. Joe brand is about. The name “G.I. Joe” will always be synonymous with bravery and heroism...

...This movie will be a modern telling of the “G.I. Joe vs. Cobra” storyline and its compelling characters that Hasbro created 25 years ago. The G.I. Joe team will not be based in Brussels. Instead, they will be based out of the “Pit” as they were throughout the 1980s comic book series. And, in keeping with the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra fantasy, the movie will feature characters and locations from around the world. Duke, the lead character and head of the G.I. Joe team, will embody the values of bravery and heroism that the first generation of G.I. Joe figures established.

G.I. Joe is a very important property to Hasbro and we thank all of our fans for their enthusiasm. Without all of you, the brand would not be where it is today. .."

Got to get Tough

Well that's certainly a weight off of my shoulders. After they screwed the pooch on Transformers I can't let another childhood legend die at the hands of the studio.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Rebecca Cardon of Work Out is Uber

Halloween has come and gone, and I've just started running across my favorites in their outfits. Without further ado here is Rebecca Cardon of Work Out dressed as a sexy dominatrix.

Rebecca Cardon at LA Rag Mag

Rebecca Cardon at LA Rag Mag

Rebecca Cardon at LA Rag Mag

Photos borrowed from LA Rag Mag

Friday, November 2, 2007

I Believe in WHySoSerious Too!

After a fairly mundane challenge at involving some sort of convoluted GeoCaching the message of;


has been given to us, and much like we were rewarded with another picture of The Joker. This time he is CLEARLY pissed at Ben Bailey in an episode of Cash Cab, or so AXB Enterprises assumes.

AXB Enterprises