Friday, January 18, 2008's what you DON'T see

After collecting my thoughts I figured I should post something regarding Cloverfield. So here we go.

Overall I thought that it VERY accuretly portrayed normal people in a dire situation. From confusion to utter panic, it showed all the emotions from the point of view of the Comic Relief Hud;

"Those things came out of nowhere didn't they? What was that about?"

Death abound, and very few clear images of the monster, but clear when needed. I thought it was fantastic other than a few minor problems.

First off, the party scene was cut down a bit. No Yellowcard singer and no THIS girl.


Who is she? Could she be the Rasika Mathur I saw in the credits?

Also what you don't see is the utter destruction overtaking the city. You don't see it, because you wouldn't. Nobody would actually go TOWARD the Parasite to get good video. That's just ridiculous.

You also don't hear word one about Slusho, Targuato, or anything else from the Viral sites. I loved this aspect. It gave us who have been following the film a different perspective on it all. We know what he is Vice President of, and what the explosion is, and where this monster originated from and why.

The shaky cam caused some of the maybe a dozen AXB Enterprise employees and associates to feel a bit nauseous, but it was perfect for the feel. They weren't great shots, you didn't get to just follow the action. You felt like you WERE Hud.

My ONE gripe with the entire film? I wish that she wouldn't have said "I Love You" and it would have cut off beforehand.

Because I don't want to divulge anything more, or provide a huge review because there have already been so many, I say this in closing. Most of you out there will not understand nor enjoy this. I am not becoming Elitist, but I know of many who are coming into this film with a negative image, and therefore will not enjoy it no matter what. Take it for what it is, and see this film as a first hand account of destruction, and Armageddon in motion. AXB Enterprises gives this film a solid 8 out of 10. Will it win any awards? Perhaps cinematography and lighting, but that is all. Take it for what it is and you will enjoy it.

Now the game begins to find out what the audio was at the VERY end of the credits. Anyone?

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