Friday, January 4, 2008

Cloverfield...still missing you Rob.

Because of the lack of information within the past few weeks we've decided to once again go over the Teaser Trailer for information we might have missed when we went Frame-by-Frame the last 100 times. Here's what we found.

Who's Chubby Uncle is this on the left, and how did he get invited? $20 says this delicious little morsel gets eaten first.

AXB Enterprises

Did we ever find out who these pictures are of? I see 2 Scott Baios and a Charleton Heston.

AXB Enterprises

A party doesn't start until a 1930's G-Man gets there. That's what I always say...always

AXB Enterprises

Yes please. Someone find out who this girl is. Anyone.

AXB Enterprises

"...he's like your main dude?" Wait. Is that a Dinosaur????

AXB Enterprises

ARMAGGEDDON!!! Free Pole Dances All Around!

AXB Enterprises

"Conditioner is better. I leave the hair silky and smooth." Stop Looking At Me Lady Liberty!!!

Why are your eyes so cold, dead, and CGI?


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Brandon said...

Picture 1: Whats with the graffiti in the back right? Is this the hideout from Crocodile Dundee II?