Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Untraceable website mocks me

So out of curiousity towards an otherwise dull movie, AXB Enterprises sent our office over to the "Kill With Me?" website to see if we could knock of some Thai teenager or light fire to a homeless person(Thanks HUD). Instead, we find the FBI has probably bugged our network.

Kill With Me?

Kill With Me?

In somewhat related news. We realized that the Tri-Fecta of Celebrity Death is complete for now. Starting at the bottom and working its way up.

Brad Renfro - January 15, 2008
Bobby Fischer - January 17, 2008
Heath Ledger - January 22, 2008

Who has the High Score in the Dead Pool? I've got Jason Mewes on March 14th.

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-ras said...

Well, you got the January Tri-fecta ... And you placed a prediction for March.

Roy Scheider leads us in February.

Two more?