Friday, March 21, 2008

Alice Through Tim's Looking Glass ... Inside Burton's Wonderland

Tim Burton tackles Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (a.k.a Lewis Carroll) in his forthcoming film, "Alice In Wonderland."

Not to be confused with Marcus Nispel's ALICE ... Based on the popular video game from American McGee, the creators of QUAKE, where Sarah Michelle Gellar will battle ... um ... something.

Burton will undoubtedly cast his own requiem into the shadows of Carroll's un-badgered vision of loneliness, misguided desires, and political corruption.

IMDb lists his writer as Linda Woolverton, who has penned many a tale for Disney Studios including: Lion King and Mulan. She is also Producing this picture.

Will this be as far-fetched as the written work? Or, will it fall into the shadows of yet another book-to-movie-to-movie-to-movie-merchandise tie-in that we have all become accustomed to?

Alice, Sweet Alice.

Now that Burton's got scissors in hand ... Let's hope he's running with them!

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