Saturday, March 1, 2008

follow the white space (s)

There's a new game in town.


With the speculation of a Cloverfield Sequel on the horizon, the latest buzz is the viral advertising of ©aladygma.
I've followed this since 2-2-08 (the day it first appeared) and, although the site lacks 'color,' it is somewhat interesting.

The number sequences do not pan out to much:
00 | 11 | 22 | 88
00 | 11 | 28 | 28
211 | 2008
(BTW - The 211th day of 2008 is July 29 ... a Tuesday. Movies are released on Fridays and DVDs are released on Tuesdays.)

What does it all mean?
Amgydala (aladygma backwards), according to wiki, is part of the memory receptors of the brain.

I remember following the viral campaign for Cloverfield since 7/7/07, when first appeared.
Seven months later, there were to be a total of 11 pictures on the site.

I remember the false leads:

I remember the leads that were supposedly 'part' of the film: (password=jllovesth)

None of any of this panned out to much.
But it was fun to explore.
Even the Dharma Initiative logo at the beginning of Cloverfield (as a reference to LOST) took us quite by surprise.

Numbers can be quite intriguing:
1 - is the loneliest number
2 - can be as bad as 1, it's the loneliest number since the number 1

But, ...
11 ? (There's eleven letters in C-l-o-v-e-r-f-i-e-l-d. The countdown has got to start somewhere)
10 ? (the number of parasites included with Hasbro's Cloverfield doll)
9th [configuration] ? (3+3+3=9)
815 ? (LOST flight)
7-7-07 ? (Date of first on-line Cloverfield siting)
666 ? (can anyone actually drink that many?)
5-22-09 ? (Date of Rob's party - and possible Cloverfield 2 release?)
4 8 15 16 23 42 ? (I played it, and won, and my life went to Hell on 9/9/89)
3 ? (the normal leaf configuration of said clover)
2-2-08 ? ( appears)
1-18-08 ?


Is it any coincidence that the word "number" is spelled with a "u" ... NUMB?
But, abbreviated, number is "No.?"

Even before Cloverfield was released, we could assume a sequel would be forthcoming.
J.J. Abrams said he wanted a purely 'American' monster.

Now we got one!

Are you following the white space (s)?


BBenesh said...

your information is a bit wrong.. .

the AMYGDALA is the memory receptors of the brain...

a Amgydala is nothing but a type of it...

DeFlanko said...

in reguards to that Youtube commnet video of the open intro of the movie... i did some comparisons to what you have and what the dvd was.

the numbers...

aside form the intro of the dvd saying code name "Cloverfield" while yours has "amgYdala"