Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scarlet: The Hot New TV Series

Ads are all over the place for the "Hot New Series" Scarlet from David Nutter, yet nowhere online is anything vaguely giving us an idea even what channel it is on, or if it is just an elaborate car commercial not unlike "The Hire" from BMW Films

Being as it IS David Nutter, perhaps it will be on the CW?

Despite "premiering" 4.28.08, Monday so you don't have to look, we don't even have a time. We can only assume here at AXB that it will be available online at their site.

We can be excited at least in knowing it stars Natassia Malthe, which means nothing but at least we have eye candy. Natassia was featured as Ayane in D.O.A. and "Redhead at Party" from another David Nutter series, Dark Angel.

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