Sunday, May 4, 2008

Reeves' "The Invisible Woman" to Appear Before Cloverfield Sequel?

No, Jenny McCarthy has not signed onto the new Matt Reeves project.

What we have here is a matter of taste.
Monster Movie vs Psychological Thriller.

While the Cloverfield hype continues to inundate the Internet airwaves, Reeves sticks to his guns with his announcement to continue work on "The Invisible Woman." (Not to be confused with the Fantastic Four character), before working on Cloverfield 2.

Hell, the "Invisible Woman" will not literally be "invisible."

IMDb lists the release date for 2010, with the following synopsis:
"In order to protect her family, a retired beauty queen turns to a life of crime."

While there's a multitude of Cloverfield fans, is there really a distinguished collection of Reeve's followers, too?

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