Sunday, August 10, 2008

2 down...1 to go

I did not mention anything about Bernie Mac's death because his level of fame in my mind had no impact. His show was mediocre and his legacy will be the whiney kid. Am I saddened that he died? Of course. Will I remember him in 6 months? No.

Who I WILL remember is Isaac Hayes. His life ended today at the age of 65.

AXB Enterprises

Not only will I remember him from his work as Chef, but the man who created the greatest theme of all time, of course the theme from Shaft. Scientologist or not, the man was a legend.

Rule of 3. Who will be next?

UPDATE: AXB Enterpriser Daryl Toor from forwarded me this photo from Say it ain't so Sam.

AXB Enterprises

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