Monday, August 18, 2008

Has Viral Advertising Gone Sour?

Oh, J.J. ... What have you created?

Are we, the huddled masses, rushing towards your endeavors? Or, are we all just lambs waiting for your grand attack?

Many of your recent projects have been pushed ahead of their original release coordinates: Star Trek ... from X-mas 2008 to summer 2009 - FRINGE from August '08 to September - Cloverfield II to the AKCD!

Fans don't really want answers, we want entertainment.
These new Internet viral sites serve virtually no purpose; they are only confusing and lead true fans far from their goal: The ULTIMATE in mind f*ck.

Therefor, while there's a whole universe waiting to be grabbed, and you have literally millions of fans at your current disposal ... why are you getting all "show me a little and not deliver the goods?"

Okay ... So, you've delivered the goods.
But, how far are fans willing to go?

Only time will tell.

G'night Shyamalan.

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