Wednesday, September 10, 2008

007: Mass Quantity of Alone Time

I still have yet to watch the LAST James Bond film because I believe Daniel Craig to be an Ass Cock, not to be confused with Cock Ass, and can't bring myself to it. Pierce Brosnan to me is the definitive Bond, yet Sean Connery of course is the legend. I just can't stand Daniel Craig is what I'm saying, but here is the new trailer nonetheless.


Clayton said...

Well I will tell you that Casino Royale is the ONLY James Bond film I have ever liked. Its the only one I own. I think Daniel Craig blows Pierce out of the water. And I believe Pierce was VERY good as Bond. I would say that Craig is the definitive Bond, and Im looking forward to this movie.

Alistair Xavier Booya said...

You have no idea how much this comment angers me. The ONLY Bond film you liked? I call that blasphemy. I will never accept Craig as Bond, but maybe the next guy.

Clayton said...

Well, see the film. And okay, not the ONLY one I liked. I actually liked one of the Timothy Dalton ones, Goldeneye was tremendous. And yes, I know Connery is the first and to some, the only Bond. But I believe after those, he sould have stopped making films. The man can't act. What movie turned you against Craig so much? Or is it just the blonde hair? Cause in Casino Royale, someone asks him is he wants his martini shaken or stirred, to which he replies: "Do I look like I give a damn?" THAT is Bond.

Brandon said...

While I dislike Craig as a person (anti-gun) I think he makes a great Bond, bested of course by Connery, but on par with Brosnan. He easily blows the other guys away.

By no means is Casino Royale the best Bond film to me, but its a new start, Bond is fresh, no gadgets, working the kinks out.

While Sean Connery may not act well, who else has the "accent", no one.

Goldeneye was entertaining, but I am a Fleming fan, and the only link to Fleming was the name Goldeneye which they took from Fleming's estate in Jamaica.